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The servers are updated  you can find the latest client HERE!
You can read more about the update HERE!
Experimental Changelog
  • Removing vehicle seats with players in them will act the same as vehicles being destroyed. Players will be kicked if there is space for them to get out, otherwise they will be killed.
  • Fixed the long standing bug where creatures would render client side a long way from their actual position if their last movement happened beyond your subscribed network cells.
Legacy Changelog
  • Removed bakenavmesh command which was being used as an exploit.
The servers are updated  you can find the latest client HERE!
You can read more about the update HERE!
  • Triggers have been added to the borders of the Diemensland map that will instantly kill any player wandering out too far
  • No build colliders have been added to doors and the hatch preventing a range of construction exploits
  • CharacterController height is synced with crouch state every simulation frame, this prevents potential desyncs where the character acts like they are standing up but they have a crouching height on their collider
  • Fixed the attachment dependency for the hatch, hatches will now stay alive in unoccupied grids until their attached wall is removed
  • Added a temporary NoBuild zone around C4 explosions, this prevents defending players instantly rebuilding destroyed walls/doors/etc
  • Improved player movement correction, correction offsets no longer accumulate, moving in the direction of the offset reduces it by the same amount and offsets past the maximum limit are instantly rewound. This fixes a bunch of issues where players could peak through geometry when affected by some kind of desync
  • Improved construction validation against machines. This prevents a bunch of bugs where you could build things over ownership stakes and other machines to hide and protect them
  • Added an extra NoBuild collider on the ownership stake to improve construction validation
  • Fixed vehicle exit validation to properly check against trees
  • Slightly reduced size of c4 collider and fixed the construction validation. This fixes an issue where c4s could be placed inside a player to push them around


The servers are updated  you can find the latest client HERE!
You can read more about the update HERE!
    • Plant placement validation has been reverted to previous behaviour
    • The collision mesh of the desert aircraft carrier has been fixed so it will no longer incorrectly report players as being in a rock while inside
    • The get up from crash check now also checks the stand up space against vehicles (can no longer stand up inside a vehicle)
    • When player movement is rewound due to an incorrect move, vertical velocity is reset to 0
    • Fixed a bug where emotes could get out of sync from the emote manager allowing player movement and item use while playing emote animation
    • Fixed a bug where crouch state could get out of sync between client and server
    • Removed many unnecessary rigidbodies from objects, this will help make collision more robust as well as improve performance