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7 Days to Die

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Alpha 15.2 (b8)

The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
You can read more about the update HERE!
    • Horde difficulty does not adjust correctly for a party with multiple players together
    • Player planted corn disappears immediately
    • Using a bow results in multiple arrows being visible from another PlayerΓÇÖs perspective
    • User login phase updated, including fixes for users of SteamΓÇÖs family sharing as well as improved kick feedback
    • Cancelled arrow does not visually unload from bow
    • Custom modded UMA zombies not using external atlas
Known issues:
    • Several duping issues
    • Terrain clipping to see underground buildings and caves
    • UMA zombies are missing the HeadGore bone, this needs to be added to correctly show the flesh cap on the neck when the head is removed
    • Auger, chainsaw and nailgun use the Gun Smithing crafting skill and the blunderbuss Weapon Smithing.
Known Crashes
    • OSX: Game crashing on startup if multiple monitors are attached and not set to mirrored
    • Linux: Graphics corruption on some GPUs
    • Windows: Game crashing after entering a game on old NVIDIA drivers (34x series)
Possible solutions
    • Switch to the GLCore renderer in the game launcher (see below)
    • Windows only: Try the 32 Bit engine from the game launcher (see below)
    • Clean up old game data (e.g. from the ΓÇ£ToolsΓÇ¥ tab in the game launcher)
    • Show the game launcher
    • Open the Steam client
    • Switch to the Games Library
    • Right click ΓÇ£7 Days to DieΓÇ¥ and select ΓÇ£Show Game LauncherΓÇ¥
    • If any of the above issues are fixed by one of the above options, please report in the PC Support Forum Section of the forum. If none of these help use the PC Bugs Forum Section and post your problems, make sure to read the sticky thread about bug reporting first though!
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