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Empyrion - Galactic Survival New and Updates

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The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE!

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.9 (Build 1446)

- Deactivated X-Mas update special items: X-Mas Tree (if you used the tree in your builds, it is still there but it does not appear in deco group anymore) and Akua Wine (can still be crafted but has no Status Effect anymore)
- Improved performance / RAM consumption on dedicated servers
- Added alternative terrain for Aitis (NewLava2_V2): see above screenshot
- Updated Default Scenario Robinson Protocol mission: decreased placement amount of solar panels
- Allow more characters by default and widened input field in several dialog boxes
- Removed character limit for input dialog for Teleporter target
- Added info about ingame time vs realtime to PlanetExample.yaml
- Updated Orbital Thermica Station (color updates, added solar power energy, updated devices): thanks to zztong

Updated Loot:
- Added specific loot for different Zirax classes (more appropriate for their weapon class)
- Adjusted Assault Cyborg loot drops
- Swamp, Ice and Desert Golem: Loot now focuses on basic and rare ores + a special material item + Crushed Stones
- Wood Walker: added Seeds and some biological items
- Armored Golem: Loot now focuses on Weapon Kits, Components and
- NPC: slightly reduced total amount of loot
- NPC: Added a few new drop items (e.g. for DesertGolem)
- Devices: reduced total amount of loot
"Do you have any suggestions on how to change or enrich the dropped items, especially for NPCs? Let us know!"

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Vessel unable to dock to BA in certain situations
- Fixed: Resolution changes back to native monitor resolution when Alt-Tab out of and back to game when using full screen mode
- Fixed: Terrain texture issues (dark areas) with cutout area of POIs
- Fixed: Sometimes a solar panel won't turn on after being placed on a structure.
- Fixed: Solar panels stopped working in certain use cases
- Fixed: Problem that OldBase wreckage was already activated when starting a new game
- Fixed: Spawning in a blueprint produces a exception & the BP gets cut in half.
- Fixed: Problem that desert rocks (eg found on barren planets) had much too large colliders
- Fixed: Problem that crashed Titan was not spawning in Default MP scenario (we removed "Wreckage" references in playfield.yaml for Default MP scenario that caused the problems)
- Fixed: Playfield crash after entering Ningues atmosphere ("Infinity or NaN floating point numbers appear when calculating the transform matrix for a Collider")
- Fixed: 'Custom Tours' mission cannot be completed in MP.
- Fixed: Default Scenario localization > removed escape characters in mission localization which lead to broken complete messages
- Fixed: Problem that it was not possible to change "Max Food" value from player stats via ModApi
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in logs and reported on support email

Updated Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) Tool to version
- Added: Automatic warning if more then 40% or 4 structures are deleted on a Playfield
- Added: Faction: Prevent Origin kick (to allow them on any Playfield). Its included in the Structure limit protection option.
- Added: Alliances: Show all Alliance differences (not important for you, but for the tool and intruder logs)
- Added: Improved Structure limit warnings
- Added: Playfield: Structure limit Warnings / Check every x minutes (Important: All warnings in this list will be done over this new feature, instead of over the timetable). 0 in check every x minutes means its turned off. I will update the docu soon.
- Added: Delete old Admin structures taken from players (structure limit)
- Added: Timetable: Total Structure Limit check: Only checks overall limits (options below Playfield list)
- Added: Config: Combat log - Check Alliances
- Added: Config: Combat log: Ignore Starter Playfields
- Added: Config: Combat log: Set distance playnet/orbit
- Added: Config: New structure. Separated a few features into own tabs
- Added: Pole control: Try to undock ships that can't be moved out
- Added: Improved Combat logs and Warnings: Checking Alliances, Distance, Faction mates close by, ...
- Added: Structure: Undock
- Added: CB: Destroy proximity check on pvp
- Added: Class calculation: Done by tool for now
- Fixed: Slave: Master Config crash
- Fixed: Discord Crash if no access
- Fixed: Config Master/Slave defaults
- Fixed: Crash if no access to CSW folder
- Fixed: Dedicated.yaml AM depletion
- Fixed: Offline Job bugfix



The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE!

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.8 (Build 1438)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that reloading game while on Zeyhines, another seed is used
- Fixed: Problem that Parasaur Baby turned into adult version when being killed
- Fixed: Problem that alt camera look in a cockpit/passenger seat was reset every time another player attached or detached
- Fixed: Problem that speed was not displayed accurately when being passenger in a ship
- Fixed: Problem that nights were too dark on several playfields
- Fixed: SVs do not dock to CVs anymore in certain situations
- Fixed: Prevent docked HV Turrets to shoot
- Fixed: NPC Trader Buy / Sell buttons not immediately in sync with stock list
- Fixed: Playfield crash after entering Ningues atmosphere
- Fixed: Blueprint spawning exploit
- Fixed: Exception from warping as a passenger
- Fixed: Problem that when warping as a passenger the position was wrong for several seconds
- Fixed: Decoration "MoundzTree" has broken collision system
- Fixed: Problem that underwater it became too dark
- Fixed: Not showing other players sitting in seats when connecting to new game
- Fixed: POI's 'BA_CrashedCV_DSE_Part1' & 'BA_CrashedCV_DSE_Part2' have vertical shutters that are giving back 'Window Blocks S' when disassembling them


A.7.5.5 v1427


The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE!

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.5 (Build 1427)

PDA Update:
- Added dedicated missions for Akua and Omicron.
(You will only see the one which matches the playfield you start your game)
- The Omicron Mission has additional steps (sealing a room, managing oxygen supply, etc) and will gift you a Multitool, O2 Bottles and a Ventilator for demonstration purposes (usually you need to level up and craft them, but these devices are also a reward for playing the Robinson Protocol Mission on Omicron)
- Both missions will reward you with a Motorbike and an additional Fiber Plant
- The Robinson Protocol only works when starting the SINGLEPLAYER DEFAULT survival scenario
- This is only a starter-guide and does NOT replace the recommendation to play the TUTORIAL.
- The mission is not mandatory. You can always skip it.

Added solar power to starter wreckage structures:
- Replaced Generator/Fuel with Solarpanel/Capacitor
- Removed "Convenience" devices (Fridge, Ammobox, Container) to make it a real shelter
> Please tell us what you think!

Tweaked content of personal container in starter wreckage structures on Omicron/Akua:
- Omicron: Added Corn and Fiber sprout to Personal Container
- Akua: Added Fiber sprout to Personal Container

- Increased light angle to 180┬░ on all light models
- Solar panels are now airtight and have higher output (increased from 20kW to 30kW)
- Increased stack sizes for Sea Weed and Water Jug
- Updated screens on some console blocks
- Added Unknown Artifacts (on barren and lava planets): thanks to Kieve
- Added new Starter Wreckage ("Very Old Base"): Thanks to Dinkelsen
- Updated Localization and PDA

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that battery could store more energy than its capacity
- Fixed: Forcefield block broke apart due to SI when placed vertically
- Fixed: SP difficulty settings carried over to MP
- Fixed: Placing a Forcefield on a flat surface was causing Z-Fighting
- Fixed: Problem that more than 20 solar panels could be placed per structure
- Fixed: Loca PDA: JPN and GREEK and others are not shown in PDA INFO action tasks
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions

Updated Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH):
Patch notes - (working with Alpha 7.3 and 7.5)
- Added: New Items
- Added: Discord Admin/Global/Faction implementation (thanks to Mortlath)
- Added: Config: Discord --> Set Global and Admin channel
- Added: Faction: Discord channel
- Added: SendDevLogs: New Crash folder included
- Added: Structures: Set to Admin faction, allow multiple
- Added: Player: Edit: Starter Playfield as combobox
- Added: Config-Game: Dedicated.yaml changes
- Added: Config - Chat: Curse filter White list
- Added: Config: Seperated Feature and Chat / Chatbot
- Added: Structure Control: Check if Admin-faction structure has non Admin pilot and warn (for now)
- Fixed: Admin faction: Allow edit in slave
- Fixed: AM:Fuel:All:x --> better spliting of fuel
- Fixed: Warp to: Messages removed
- Fixed: Some Window sizes mixed
- Fixed: Config: Chatbot only in faction disabled
- Fixed: Playfield Origin default to 999 (= No restriction)


A.7.5.4 v1423


The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE!

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.4 (Build 1423)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that some save games could not be resumed anymore
- Fixed: Problem that blueprint with solar panels lead to an error when spawning it
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes Solar Panels switched off
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions

- Large windows can now be crafted in Survival Constructor
- Trader-NPC: Disabled stock-dependent pricing as its application didn't meet the expectations of the players


A.7.5.0 v1416


The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE!

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.0 (Build 1416)

Solar Panels:

- Added solar panels (horizontal and sloped)
- Added capacitor (solar) to manage the electricity of the solar panels and store the electrical energy for use during the night or bad weather
- Solar panels & capacitor (solar) are currently only usable for bases (Space and planet)

IMPORTANT FEEDBACK QUESTION: Do you think the solar panels are currently too weak? We can easily re-calibrate them - it is important to find a good default energy output.

FEEDBACK & DISCUSSION: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-7-5-faq-feedback-solar-energy.34599/

How Solar Energy works:
- The algorithm calculates the amount of sun-rays that will hit the solar panel for a certain placement during the day. The placement affects their efficiency (see factors listed below)
- This average efficiency is then displayed by the GREEN LCDs (up to four LED lights)
- The current efficiency is displayed by the YELLOW LEDs (up to four LED lights)
- If solar panels produce more electricity than currently needed, the surplus energy is stored in the Capacitor (Solar) block like in a battery.
- To display the surplus of energy (or the ΓÇ£energy reserveΓÇ¥), there is now a battery icon in the main page of Control Panel that shows the current content of the battery.
- Note: conventional generators (fuel driven) do not store excess power in the battery!

Factors that will increase or reduce the efficiency on a PLANET:
- Placement behind an obstacle (tree, stone, base, mountain etc) leads to a reduced efficiency
- Stronger Light Intensity on the playfield increases efficiency on a global scale (parameter: DayLightIntensity in playfield.yaml).
- Light Intensities overall impact on the efficiency is influenced by the weather condition in a second step: eg when it is cloudy or raining, light intensity effect decreases and thus also efficiency of panel
- Angle of panel towards sun: best efficiency when sun hits perpendicular on panel (eg on equator a flat solar panel lying on ground will have highest efficiency at noon, while a sloped solar panel close to pole while be better)
- AtmosphereDensity: higher density = less overall efficiency
- AtmosphereDensity is modified by latitude! Example: If the position of the Solar Panel is closer to the poles, it is less efficient for the same AtmosphereDensity factor, because sun travels through more atmosphere than on equator.
- Ground fog reduces efficiency

Factors that will increase or reduce the efficiency in SPACE:
- Angle of panel towards sun: best efficiency when sun hits perpendicular on panel
- Distance of sun: the further the orbit playfield is away from sun, the lower the efficiency (eg lower efficiency in Ningues orbit than Aestus orbit)

- Added possibility to sell items to Trader NPC
- Added simple price dynamics depending on items in stock of trader. (eg. price will drop if you repeatedly sell items to the trader. Price will rise if you repeatedly buy from a trader)
- Updated TraderNPCConfig.ecf:
* Adjusted all prices for Ore, Ingots, Weapons and Tools
* Added Magnesium, Plastic and Nitrocellulose to all weapon and resource traders
* Reduced price for Boosters and other Equipment
* Reduced price for most of the Food and Health items
* Selling/Purchase prices are more dynamic (min-max ranges)

Better Modding Support:
- We added a config file that allows you to change all relevant parameters for almost all blocks/items/templates/entities used in the game. For example, you can change the damage value of the minigun etc. We will provide more detailed information about the parameters soon.
- The config file can be found here:
...\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration\Config_Example.ecf
- To activate it, rename Config_Example.ecf into Config.ecf.
Please note: the config currently cannot be included in a scenario, but needs to be placed in the main folder as described.
FEEDBACK & DISCUSSION: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-7-5-faq-feedback-game-parameter-config.34600/

Added Airtight Force Fields:

- We added airtight force fields in different sizes
- The force fields keep O2 inside your base. They do not work as a hitpoint barrier (planned for a future iteration)

Sync of Playfield Instances:
- The new Instance Sync gives you a better possibility to create very unique and complex instances / missions since the portals are now synced over the network and not local anymore.
- For example, you can now point two individual portals from different planets to one instance (not possible before). That way two Origins can try to compete against each other and return to their planets independently.

Improved Difficulty Settings:
- Added food and oxygen consumption speed to difficulty settings (SP, dedi and local coop): you can now even disable food and oxygen consumption
- Tweaked difficulty window layout

- Added Christmas Tree (can be found under ΓÇ£Artificial Plants (Deco)ΓÇ¥)
- Added ΓÇ£Akua Sparkling Wine, demi-sec, Class 2480ΓÇ¥ (also in start equipment SP; available from traders of Market Cafe, bars and all food-selling places)
- Added new model for Zirax NPC (with size and style variations)
- Added new model for SciFi-style Bunk Bed (can be found under ΓÇ£Furnishings (Deco)ΓÇ¥)
- Added new logo (Earth faction) to symbols
- Added single and double corner lights

Added Alternative Terrains:
- We added alternative terrains for most of the handmade planets (e.g. NewAlien_V2, NewLava_V2, NewDesert_V2, NewTemperate_V2, NewMoon_V2, NewMoon2_V2, NewBarren_V2, NewDesert2_V2, NewSnow_V2, NewOcean_V2).
- These V2 terrains are activated when choosing odd-numbered seeds

Visuals / Audio:
- Updated models for trading station and ATM
- Better screen textures for Cockpit CV, Open Cockpit SV and some console blocks
- Added new particle effect for NPC crew destruction
- Updated model for corn dog + added proper harvest stage for snow version
- Tweaked position of all space playfields in default SP and MP (moved all space playfields down by 100 sectors so that playfields are below sun, ie sun will shine from above for better visuals)
- Added more ambient music (Resurgence, Reaver, Adrift, 2473): Thanks to Alex
- More size variations for Golems (Ice, Swamp, Desert)
- Added better sound when opening PDA
- Better default color for open cockpits
- Tweaked glass on Clone Chamber and Medic Station

- Allow to promote Member or Admin to Founder if old Founder has left the faction
- Added Fiber to templates (made from Wood Logs)
- Added Nitrocellulose (made from Fiber; used as a propellant for any bullet/projectile-driven ammo, instead of Promethium)
- Added magnesium deposits to Moon playfields (SP and MP)
- Added pentaxid asteroid to space playfields: Trading Station and Asteroid Field
- Slightly brighter nights on planets
- HUD names show allied structures of other factions now in green
- Automatic Door blocks are now craftable in Survival Constructor
- Added 30 Unlock points

Template Re-balancing:
- Capacitor Device: Removed Flux Coil, Reduced Oscillator and Steel Plates
- Color / Texture / Multi Tool: Removed Mechanical Components
- Laser Rifle: Reduced PowerCoil
- Plasma Cannon: Reduced Oscillator, Zascosium Alloy
- Moved tech level of Small Generator and Fuel Tank (T1) to level 3
- Adjusted templates of fuel tanks (BA, CV) and generators (BA, CV) to better reflect the technical progression/increasing capabilities

- Removed Promethium from all bullet/projectile ammo; added Nitrocellulose as a propellant instead
- Small-to-mid-size caliber (handheld weapon) ammo templates now made from a mix of copper, steel, plastic and Nitrocellulose (Pistol Round, Rifle Round, Shotgun Shell, Sniper Rifle Round, Minigun Round)
- All rocket ammo needs Magnesium Powder
- All laser- and plasma-based ammo is made from Pentaxid and Plastic
- Output of most ammo types has been adjusted, based on the overall availability/scarcity of the used materials and the changed templates

GUI Improvements:
- Added "Back" button (Disconnect from Server and go back to Server Browser)
- Added ΓÇ£BackΓÇ¥ arrow button to starter planet selection to toggle starter planets back and forth
- Some layout tweaks to windows "Choose Starting Planet" and "New Game"
- Do not display "Output Count" in item trader info anymore
- PDA message boxes can now also be closed via ESC key
- Corrupt save games are now displayed in red to quickly find them in the list of save games
- Head shot multiplier are displayed again

Other Changes:
- Several optimizations, e.g. less lags when moving over terrain and better scheduling of tasks (less CPU spiking)
- AutoMinerDepletion is now set to False in dedicated.yaml per default
- Added Russian language for PDA tutorial: Thanks to Sergei
- Updated PDA Localization: FR (Eric)
- Updated Localization: ITA (Rad), FR (Eric), RU (Sergei), DE
- More relaxed timing of playfield server starting, especially when another pf server has just been asked to load playfield data
- Free camera mode is not active anymore per default when sitting on motorbike (you have to enable it with Left Alt)
- Do not show weight anymore for intermediate crafting products
- Larger colliders for Light Lantern and Worklight 02 to make it easier to interact with
- Updated EAC to latest release 17-11-15

POI Update:
- Added new POIs:
* Abandoned Drone Base: Thanks to Fractalite & Fuzzbuzzputty
* Abandoned Reactor: Thanks to jmcburn (base model) + modfied by Fractalite to make it "abandoned"
- Updated POIs: Abandoned Mine + Abandoned Factory: Thanks to Fractalite
- Added new POI groupname: AbandonedPOI (includes former AbandonedMine and AbandonedFactory)

Updated Invader-vs-Defender Scenario:
- Added NPC Trading Station to M32, Eleen, Trader Residence
- Changed Starter Planets (better resources, water, visuals)
- All PvE planets in the outer ring are now equipped with environment hazards but with water
- All PvP planets in the inner ring are easy for surviving and have better loot
- A lot of orbits have now a proper Asteroid ring with a lot of asteroids in them
- Pandora planet reworks
- Added new POIs
- Fixed: Errors on Alien Planets

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Item dupe exploit in combination with forced disconnects for constructors and food processors
- Fixed: Possible to place more than one AMD on an ore deposit
- Possible fix for structures getting set to public (+added log output when this happens)
- Fixed: Map Marker: Selecting a POI with LMB and then setting a marker with RMB on another POI creates a marker at the first position
- Fixed: Early crashing playfield servers could lead to the situation that the dedi never starts another playfield server again
- Fixed: Using a game name ending with dots '.' leads to error
- Fixed: Star map scaling too extreme when far away objects are present
- Fixed: 'Survival constructor is gone. Removing it from map' notification constantly appearing after picking the SC up
- Fixed: Elevator blocks stop working when they are touching terrain
- Fixed: Could not create PDA checkable output signal name (starting with '*') in a Signal logic gate
- Fixed: SV without a Core could open any Hangar Door
- Fixed: Offline Founder/Admin was showing as Member in Faction list
- Fixed: Problem that deco was not removed far enough around POIs
- Fixed: Problem that Power Storage (Deco) was culling too early
- Fixed: Problem that mouse wheel scrolling was not working in sector map list
- Fixed: Star map: Setting a marker with right mouse click creates extreme coordinates
- Fixed: Allied turrets shots on private vessels of allied faction members
- Fixed: Problem that players were sometimes ejected immediately from an instance
- Fixed: Steam workshop upload issue (now display Steam Workshop problems to player)
- Fixed: Small bug with jetpack thrusters staying on
- Possible Fix: Distant terrain missing chunk
- Fixed: Stretched textures on preview box of blueprints
- Fixed: 'Ungrouped' group Active switch when resuming a save game causing some devices to be turned off.
- Fixed: Dedicated server UI: fix for time does not advance after about 16000 game time
- Fixed: Jetpack thruster pointing downwards were not active in Creative mode when hovering in air
- Fixed: Errors in some situations in Build Settings Window
- Fixed: Corrupt ply file in a savegame prevented the Resume Game window to be shown
- Fixed: POI Xenu Weapon Bunker did not spawn on Masperon
- Fixed: Wrong constructor output grid size
- Fixed: Problem that light was shining through walls behind light
- Fixed: Random error when loading game
- Fixed: Performance problem with grass
- Fixed: Exiting a open cockpit can sometimes place the avatar outside or into close by blocks.
- Fixed: Problem that emissive of some light blocks did not become dark without power
- Fixed: Autominer with 0 source quality giving stacks of 999 ores for free
- Fixed: Overbright material on indoor plants
- Fixed: Problem that Gravity Generator on platform in Creative Omicron Orbit was not active (player could not move)


Updated Empyrion Admin Helper tool
Patch notes - (working with Alpha 7.3 and 7.5)
- Added: Coordinate Log: Warp to --> Incase you want to follow a guys trail, by jumping where he was.
- Added: Coordinate Log: Save coordinates
- Added: Config MOTD: Message of the day. Each time a player logs in
- Added: Config: Activate Faction restricted Playfields
- Added: Playfield: Player/Faction/Origin restricted Playfields: Enter Origin and/or Faction/Player ID, separated by #
- Added: Playfield: Mark orange/red if too many structures
- Added: AM:Get New command to get ores. Now you can combine also multiple slots. See AM(think) --> AM:Get:ITEM-AMOUNT[#ITEM-AMOUNT#....] or for all AM:Get:ITEM[#ITEM#....] = Gets a certain amount of items or all from the Auto-Miner.
- Added: CSW: Check if a ship is docked that is not listed yet. Prevents warp with loss of a docked ship
- Added: CSW: Prevent multiple CSW at same time
- Added: Disk full: Fixed showing to late
- Added: More/New Items
- Added: Dedicated config: 2 New Difficulties and new order
- Added: Server-Integrity Check: Shows if files are/might be corrupted. So far only check for empty files 0 byte
- Added: Structure: Set to private
- Added: Structure backup: Saves also player and game.dat (to give possibility to restore game with no current full backup)
- Added: New Function Select Player/Structure (used for example in Structure: Set private)
- Fixed: Slave "Restart in 5" not working
- Fixed: Slave "Structure set To Private" not working
- Fixed: "Cleanup Structures" not actually doing anything
- Fixed: Cut off Whos on text


A.7.3.3 v1375


The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!

Changelog: Alpha 7.3.3 (Build 1375)
- We are using Unity 2017.1 again
- Fixed: Problem that there was no trading station on Masperon and that teleporter in Masperon Orbital Station did teleport into void (MP Default setting)
- Fixed: AutominerDepletion and GroundedStructureSpawn were not correctly set from Dedicated.yaml on a Dedicated Server

Changelog: Alpha 7.3.3 (Build 1374)

Updated Tutorial:
- Added French and Chinese translation: thanks to Spartan47 and Ken Guo
- Added additional marker for making sure where to place the Explosive Charges (Chapter 7)
- Fixed: SV Prefab did not complete Action (Chapter 7)

- Updated game engine to Unity 2017.2
- Shotgun and Sniper do not damage terrain anymore
- Removed Hydrogen Cell from POI loot
- Removed Laserkit from recipe of Laser Pistol T2
- EAC is now activated per default in dedicated.yaml

Update Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH):
- Added: Timetable: Toggle AllowCV
- Added: Delete old Tool-Logs after 10 days
- Added: many missing Items (you can now enable auto ban)
- Fixed: CSW bug fixes for missing SV's. Now they have to wait a minute after their last Warp, before they can do CSW
- Fixed: Structure Class Limit: Fixed Warnings being counted for all Structures

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Performance problem with heavy snow and hail weather
- Fixed: Abuse of Anti Grief Distance by long structures
- Fixed: Motorbike glitch / exploit by placing motorbike partially inside a structure
- Fixed: Corrupt player file in a savegame prevented the Resume Game window to be shown
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes player was standing up on motorbike
- Fixed: Error in some situations in Build settings window
- Fixed: Problem with black textures on (procedural) "snow" playfield
- Fixed: Internal exception that lead to huge output logs


A.7.3.2 v1364

The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!

Changelog: Alpha 7.3.2 (Client Build 1364, Server Build 1366)

- Added map markers for POI bases in space

- Reduced complexity of recipe for Ore Scanner (no Cobalt needed anymore) + it can be crafted in Survival Constructor
- Reduced promethium requirements for most ammo templates
- Rocketlauncher T1 now has 4 shot magazine again

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Vessels were sometimes losing all fuel after playfield change (when entering atmosphere or after warping)
- Fixed: Could not connect to Server if first server in list was selected
- Fixed: Explosives cannot be placed in Anti-Grief Zones anymore
- Fixed: Drone bases & Planet Vessel base were not discovered when getting close to them and map marker did not stay on the map
- Fixed: Some Sentry gun turrets had not enough angle to shot if player is near
- Fixed: Graphical artifacts with seamless light texture
- Fixed: Problem that no sound was played when underground resource was destroyed (+ added better destruction sound)
- Fixed: Abandoned mine top level had misplaced automated door
- Fixed: Problem that Gravity Gen on platform in Creative Omicron Orbit was not active (player could not move)


Updated: Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) - distributed with Server Build 1366
- Added: Structure Activity: Show all information in tool
- Added: Player Statistic: Included Notes
- Added: Player: Edit Information to edit Notes and forced Playfield
- Added: Player: Forced Playfield --> If set the player can't leave the Playfield
- Added: Items for A7.3.2
- Added: Config: Reload Player after logout (to keep accurate data in tool)
- Added: Config: Activate Structure Activity Log
- Added: Structure Log: Included 'What happened around here' function
- Fixed: Offline Job: Loop error bug fix
- Fixed: Timetable: Restart: Give more time until Game is stopped
- Fixed: Backpack Backup: Fix blocking freeze
- Fixed: Fixed: CB: Destroy not working
- Fixed: Latest Warnings: Less Error Messages
- Fixed: Spelling errors
More details: https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-emp-admin-helper-eah-free-v1-40-0.5771/page-37


Game Crashes?

We just released Alpha EXP 7.3.2 (Build 1367) on the Experimental branch where we updated Unity to version 2017.2. This version might solve certain crashes linked to the game engine:

For all of you that experience crashes in the game (eg "d3d11: failed to create buffer" error), we would like to ask to switch to the Experimental branch and test this version. It is fully compatible with the current public release.


A.7.3.0 v1357

The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
Changelog: Alpha 7.3.0 (Build 1357)

- Removed cobalt requirement for Growing Plots Concrete and Wood so that they can be crafted on starter planets again + added back Fiber to template of Growing Plots
- Removed cobalt requirement for Oxygen Stations (SV + BA) so that they can be crafted on starter planets again
- Tweaked several stock prefab Bases so that the low tier bases can be spawned on starter planets (no cobalt needed). Re-arranged several stock prefabs
- Tweaked stock prefab HV Tier 2 so that it is spawnable on starter planets
- Tweaked several stock prefab SV so that the low tier SVs can be spawned on starter planets (no cobalt needed). Re-arranged several stock prefabs
- Replaced stock prefab SV Tier 1c
- Removed cobalt requirement for Turret Radar (deco block)

More Start-Options for Single Player:
- Added "Block Limit for Certain Devices" to Difficulty Settings: you can now enable/disable block limits for certain devices (e.g. weapon limit per vessel)
- Added "Blueprint Spawn Limit" to Difficulty Settings: you can now enable/disable whether blueprints must be placed on a BA / CV when being spawned

Added NPCs as Crew (only deco, no functionality yet):

- Added several human-style NPCs as deco blocks (2 Commanding Officers, Engineer, Tactical Officer, Pilot, 2 Security Guards). If you like them, we will add more.
- Added alien-style NPC: security guard and commanding officer
- Added 2 new block groups: HumanNPCBlocks and AlienNPCBlocks (added all current NPC deco blocks to these 2 groups)
- In Creative mode, you can now place the HumanNPCBlocks and AlienNPCBlocks on your bases and capital vessels and in Survival you can "hire" (buy) them at traders.
- Tweaked NPC deco prefabs (better colliders)
- Want to hire a crew? Go for a drink at PaxPurgatory, Crash Landing Bar or the Sky Guys Bar!

- Increased gun elevation of all drill and multi turrets
- Increased ranges of drill attachments, drill turrets and multi turrets turrets (Hover Vessel)
- Added more Pentaxid on NewMoon & NewMoon2 in SP / MP default setting
- Added moons to all starter planets in MP Default setting

- Updated Tutorial (adapted Bases to "close" some alternative routes, minor logic adjustments, updated prefabs to take into account fiber requirement for growing plots)
- Added "Back" button for Scenario, Language Selection and Player Setup
- Updated deco on Akua: more Pentaxid in deeper lakes
- Improved handling of manipulated files of managed Blueprints (factory and produced)
- Removed "Max Block Count" from Local Dedi setup window (now in Difficulty Settings)
- ModAPI Notification: Game event, PDA Chapter activated / deactivated / completed event

- Re-arranged some HV stock prefabs to better reflect their role and unlock level

Updated Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) to Version
Remember to Stop the Server, Start the Tool and then Start the server to apply the Update. Please turn off AutoBan for the first few minutes to see if everything works fine. If you dont get messages about cheaters that are not correct, then turn on AutoBan again. We STRONGLY recommend to turn on AutoBan!
- Added: New Mod
- Added: New Items 7.3 and Item Icons
- Added: Config: Upload Backup folder
- Added: Config: Upload Backup same name
- Added: Config: Autorestart when memory exceeds %
- Added: Structures: Regenerate (only for POI!)
- Added: Structure: Pilot / Core Type
- Added: Structure: Change Name
- Added: Structure Log: Pilot
- Added: Backup: Automatically copy latest backup into a separate folder for upload
- Added: Chatbot: CB:FM:Message --> Sends a message to all faction members (even when offline)
- Added: Offline Job: Remove old ones
- Added: Items: Time (for Decay)
- Added: Backpack Backup: Makes a backup of each backpack every time a player is loaded. You can easily view all former backpacks of that player and also alerts of the tool (Player Logs). You can also - restore a backpack.
- Added: Player: Improved performance for Cheater Check
- Added: Included Deposit/Ground reset again (On your own risk!)
- Added: Send Logs to Devs: Automatically saves Zip also in Upload directory
- Added: Automatic disk Space warning on Backup
- Added: Automatic warning if memory exceeds certain percentage
- Added: Automatic Autorestart when memory exeeds a certain percentage.
- Added: Latest Warnings: Less unimportant warnings
- Added: PDA Events: for now only in statistic logs
- Fixed: Building deleted not always registered
(for more details, please visit: https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-emp-admin-helper-eah-free-v1-40-0.5771/page-36#post-189866)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: After copy & pasting a selection of a BA onto another part or terrain Structural Integrity SI is not updating when pasted
- Fixed: Ship keeps spinning uncontrollably after removing RCS
- Fixed: Some enemies (like mech robot) were not firing at player when close to them.
- Potential Fix: Factions set to public and other issues caused when a playfield server is loading a world with an exception
- Fixed: Error in SP games when a POI regenerated
- Fixed: Problem that NPCs did not shoot at player when s/he was shot out of cockpit
- Fixed: NPC Trader over-stack sales does not get recognized
- Fixed: Problem with font that is was not aligned horizontally
- Fixed: Control Panel: Tabs in GENERALS column do not update if SIGNAL is used
- Fixed: Problem that on barren planet immediately the rock layer was seen when removing sand with drill
- Fixed: BP Class increases when blocks of vessel got damaged
- Fixed: Custom toggles not updated correctly on first open of CP
- Fixed: Exception with empty Blueprint directory
- Fixed: Drill dust particles blocked Ore Scanner view
- Fixed: Displaced ground plane of block preview wireframe when pressing ESC
- Fixed: Some rock-like deco plants were showing wood particle effects (now: rock particle effect)
- Fixed: ModAPI interface: fixed core type always being 0
- Fixed: Several exceptions found in logs and reported on support email

A.7.2.2 v1343

The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
Changelog: Alpha 7.2.2 (Build 1343)

Updated Tutorial:
- Grammar / spelling checks (Thanks to Cleff)
- Changed intro to better match the story

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes a dedicated server could kick all players and then was not responsive anymore until restart of server
- Fixed: Problem with playfield servers not closing down correctly and keeping a high RAM usage
- Fixed: Game was hanging for 2-3sec after orbit - planet transition
- Fixed: When Auto miner depletion was enabled the AMD's aren't depleting deposits.
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions

A.7.2.1 v1340

The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
Changelog: Alpha 7.2.1 (Build 1340)

Updated Tutorial:
- Improved Chapter 'Helping Hand'
* Added more dedicated actions to better check progress in Constructor tasks
* Added extra step in the damaged Greenhouse to drop off unneeded stuff in order to free up space in the inventory for the following chapters.
- Changed minor spelling issues
- Changed info given in some messages
- Spelling/Grammar updates. Thanks a lot to all contributors!
- Minor text formatting adjustments
- Exchanged Rocket Launcher T2 with T1
- Added info on how to split stacks and drop items from a stack
- Updated map for Earth in Tutorial

- Updated deco on Tallador

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Mirror tool broken when switching between save games
- Fixed: Problem that game did not start anymore when using EAC
- Fixed: AI ignoring player when upside down in space POI's via the jetpack (MP only)
- Fixed: Drone bases spawning on top of each other.
- Fixed: When mining with the 'Drill Turret' nothing is placed into the harvest box.
- Fixed: Problem that autominers did not work anymore and caused errors
- Fixed: PDA sending signals were only set for the scenario of the first game played (returning to main menu and playing another scenario breaks them)
- Fixed: Error reported on Support email (Build 1337 #9CB37)

A7.1.1 v1325

The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Mouse sometimes makes a "sudden jump" placing 2 or more blocks although only clicked once
- Fixed: Configure circuit GUI cutting off signal lists.
- Fixed: Opening the CP on the Signal logic tab can make the configure circuit list disappear until reopening the CP.
- Fixed: Possible to have signal lists in the Configure circuit GUI overlap each other.
- Fixed: Exception created when trying to add signals in a circuit
- Fixed: When selecting an input signal of a circuit often a wrong line will be changed
- Fixed: When mining with the 'Drill Turret' nothing was placed into the harvest box.
- Fixed: Local Coop creates two save game folders when using a game name with blanks (e.g. "My Game")
- Fixed: Possible to fly through freighters, Carrier and PVs with CV and SV
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes it was not possible to join a server (fixed internal exception when loading map texture files to avoid problems like 'Access to the path denied' errors)
- Fixed: Radiation of biome is not taken into account for the HUD display when inside structure (only global radiation of playfield is displayed in HUD)
- Fixed: Wardrobe had a code lock but was not accessible
- Fixed: Problem that it was not possible to lower Base deep into ground when spawning blueprint
- Fixed: Terrain/LOD Exploit: hide turret in POI Lod filler terrain
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes grass was not removed when drilling
- Fixed: Setting number of ore deposits did not have an impact in SP
- Fixed: Several errors linked to Block Combiner
- Fixed: Resource Mouse-Over Localization on Map wrong
- Fixed: Asteroid names not Localized on New Game and Map windows
- Fixed: Problem that no NPC spawned on Oscutune (NewTemp2) on Island biome
- Fixed: Problem with color replace (now it also works with colors that had no color applied)
- Fixed: Problem that some windows and railing blocks did not correctly mirror (the ones with left, right version)
- Fixed placement of blocks when targeting bigger models like turrets
- Fixed: Looking at a Furnace shows "Press ... to use the Constructor"
- Fixed: New splatmaps consuming massive RAM and FPS on first load
- Fixed: Auto Miner can be placed below a deposit and works (now doesn't violate AntiGrief rules)
- Fixed: Problem that on moon planets (NewMoon and NewMoon2) radiation was everywhere at 14.7 and not just in the lower areas
- Fixed: NPC Otyugh could damage players through thin blocks.
- Fixed: Pixie stalk taller than they should be.
- Fixed: Problem that steel texture P1(4,6) was over bright
- Fixed: Several internal errors
- Fixed: Several typos in loca

A7.0.4 v1309

The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
- Updated MP default scenario:
* Tweaked space playfields of starter planets so that they now have same type of resources as SP default setting
* Added own space playfield for Sienna starter planet
- Tweaked template of Flak Turret CV (reduced amount of Zascosium Alloy)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Several internal errors reported on support email and found in logs
- Fixed: Problem that some seeds could cause an error when starting a new game
- Added arrow to SV and HV starter blocks to better indicate main flying direction

A6.7.1 v1219

The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
- Added "Empyrion Admin Helper" tool to dedicated server package
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that first-person and third-person camera was sometimes clipping into objects
- Possible Fix: Connection to workshop BP's list sometimes being lost (we increased the subscription limit from 100 to 300)
- Fixed: LCD Panels not updating after initial edit.