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DevBlog 197 v2057



We leave Early Access with a graphics overhaul, give out Frog Boots for those who helped us in EA, and more.
Server and client are updated to Devblog 197!
You can find the latest client download as usual HERE!
For the official development blog click HERE.
  • Added Frog Boots, My Dudes.
  • Added new trees
  • Added Road Exploration Tutorial
  • Added Workbench Tutorial
  • Added Research Tutorial
  • Section Names for each tutorial instead of "task list"
  • Added Pickles, with a chance of botulism
  • Improvements in lighting process/ Higher IBL contribution
  • Post Processes and LUTs refresh
  • Visual upgrades on the world generation (terrain, rocks, foliage and lot more)
  • Improved overall terrain splat mapping
  • Higher Densities of Icebergs and Icesheets
  • Optimized foliage system with a lot of different foliage types
  • Vm animation updates
  • Netting costs 1 Rope instead of 3
  • Fire arrows cost 2 cloth instead of 10
  • Scientists have reduced accuracy
  • Changed default server information image
  • Loot Barrels now drop 2 Scrap instead of 1
  • Double Metal Door now default blueprint
  • AK47 horizontal recoil kicks in faster
  • Aim Sway inactive for several seconds after a shot
  • Melee tip hides sooner
  • Fixed some streaming sound related performance spikes
  • Fixed missing mesh references on skinnable items
  • Wild Animals now spawn in biomes and terrain that fits their environment
  • Fixed inaccurate upkeep time on the tool cupboard
  • Fixed doors not decaying when their upkeep was not paid for
  • Fixed harbors not spawning correctly
  • Fixed hilltop rocks sometimes overlapping monuments
  • Fixed various small world generation issues
  • Workbench Experiments can now reveal ammo types
  • Fixed Garage Doors taking splash damage
  • Fixed task list not displaying under some resolutions
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