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Server and client are updated to v3.0
You can find the latest client download as usual HERE!
For the official development blog click HERE.
As of March 6 3.0 is now live for all in a pre patch state in case a rollback is needed. A trailer and proper announcement will come soon if everything is working as intended.

After our preview posts we kept getting asked: Date! Date! To which we responded with the surprisingly (though risky) estimate of "15 days from the news post".

Well instead of staying quiet we want to let you guys know where things are. First, things are going great. If you haven't been playing the game, 3.0 has been in public testing with the server appearing at the top of the server list in blue for the past few days. Public tests are going well and we're really nailing down the final balance. With fort sieges, mortars, numerous new ships, multiple new shot types, and improvements to destruction both mechanically and visually, we're starting to be happy with where it is.

The catch of our estimate was "if everything goes fine". So there is still no date, but we are very close 

While everything is going great we've come across a handful of small bugs that are real thinkers. These bugs originate from how the game mechanics were originally designed and now conflict with 3.0, which is basically Blackwake 2 released as a patch. Remember that before 3.0 we were on our way out of Early Access and the game was on its way to being polished. 3.0 has taken such a toll on the game that we have back backpedaled in that regard. But it was for the better!


We're very excited, and the feedback we're getting on the updates is only making us more excited. Hearing comments like "I can't believe this, it's like a whole new game" or "This is how it should have been from day one" over voice chat while public testing alongside you guys make us very proud!