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  4. when is update i cant join any server
  5. 1-tapped me 2 times aswell. Only 1 bullet each time.. I agree with you, he's hacking...
  6. ah yes it is, later that evening i logged in and all went well thank you
  7. Randominpaska is hacker i have proff
  8. DevBlog 198 v2064

    Server and client are updated to Devblog 198! You can find the latest client download as usual HERE! For the official development blog click HERE. Added Chainsaw Added Incendiary Shotgun Shells Added Spas-12 Shotgun Terrain Blend Maps for better monuments transition Added upkeep grief protection Added glaucous willow and spicebush plants Added world reflection graphics setting Fixed painted signs sometimes resetting on server restart Fixed workshop skin corruption issue Fixed dark lighting at the gates of Military Tunnels Fixed incorrect star positions relative to sun and moon Fixed foundation rotation exploit Fixed workshop skin loading issue Fixed S11 Cave having no build block volumes (Hapis) Fixed locker, bed, workbench floating slightly after construction placed on no longer exists Bandages and syringes now show their healing information Searchlight no longer accessible without TC access Fixed weird sprint+aim exploit Optimized conditional model performance Vastly improved interior lighting Upgraded to Unity 2017.1.3 Improved cliff mesh placement next to monuments Moved our grass and overgrowrth to new foliage shader Optimized client file cache performance Increased tree view distance at high tree quality settings Optimized tree performance at low tree quality settings Slightly harder to wall off southern convoy (Hapis) Reduced forest size in areas for performance reasons (Hapis) Xmas tree no longer craftable Mailbox repairable Water purifier can no longer be placed on barbecue and fireplace All signs, banners and frames are now repairable Bed can be repaired Bed can be picked up with hammer + building privilege Repair bench wood cost removal Repairing items now costs 20% instead of 50% of their total cost Scientists have slightly more health Scientists have proper loot tables Stripped unused tree assets (disk space usage)
  9. Thanks
  10. as i know the update should hit soon. Be Patient.
  11. Hi, i want to play with my friends that use your cracked version. But im using the original rust, and i can't join the server. Its says that the server needs to update. Please help me
  12. true fix it please
  13. Can you please update the Rust Client and fix those lags,read my 


  14. Server lags,well its kinda non playable because there is a lot of lag,the lag causes probably by those chat messages,messages are not fixed after every Server Message server gets some lag. Its hard to kill a guy when it starts lagging hardly. Server has no active admins too,a lot of commands has changed please update them in forum too,a lot of cheaters too. U have to start searching for new admins or so. Ty
  15. Update the rust server and Fix the server lags ...
  16. Last week
  17. okay thats bad to hear my man, is it solved already for you or not?
  18. Hi. After using the /home command to teleport home i got spawned off map, so I logged out to try and see if it would spawn the character properly but now I'm stuck at loading screen "starting game". I opened the console window and read something like player character wrong location. So I would like to know if when server restarts do things go back to normal? when does server restart? or is there another solution to this situation? thank you very much.
  19. I fell threw the ground and i relogged now im stuck at starting game screen. In the serverlog it says spawned in wrng position so could a server admin reset my position please
  20. I am having this same problem, Ano how did you get it fixed?
  22. Hello. in the knights table servers thing are not loading properly like is there any way to fix it ? [on other servers this doesn't happen]
  23. You the real MVP Klauz. Just remember that.
  24. As Midas stated, you won't receive any help regarding cracking the server here. http://bfy.tw/HFeU
  25. yes i know but i don't find how to use sse for linux server. Your server is cracked too you can help me please, so i want to make that just for play with a friend with no lag.Please
  26. Well you also have to crack the server to join with cracked but you won't get help here.
  27. Hurtworld Legacy Wiped C4 Raid Drill SG AutoRifle Blocked for 24h NEW PLUGINS ON THE SERVER
  28. I do not know if I'm in the right place. but I would like some help for my linux dedicated server. i have create a dedicated server thanks to linuxgsm but I can not join him in cracked version. The game say me : steam kicked you, your authentifaction data is invalid. can you help me please ?
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