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  4. Whoopsie also gave your IP to other server owners to ban. "This is my attempt to warn you of a breach of data. Only your data got compromised." Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  5. Whoopsy banned your IP
  6. Additionally: You have not properly educated yourself on how exactly GDPR works. If banned, we are able to retain it as it's intent is to safeguard a server. So as you said, good luck. Read up a bit before you misinform people try and use rights, that you don't understand. "The right to be forgotten only applies if the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; and/or there are no overriding legitimate grounds for processing."
  7. I could care less about that. We will not be lifting permanent bans
  8. Under gdpr rights on 25th of may eu users will be able to request u to delete all theur info including ips everything that isn't legal information allowing users to bypass ur ip bans. Good luck. alao will work to get unhwid flagged by eac.
  9. Last week
  10. It will be looked into when we have a chance.
  11. 7 days to die server
  12. commands(/bank ./home ect ...) are not working for two days or more now please fix your stuff
  13. its not fixed now sorry for the confuision and how do i send a screen shot ?
  14. i bought the game now it is fixed
  15. Try to reunzip it and make sure you start rust with rustclient.exe or one of the Auto connect exes
  16. okay thanx will look in to it
  17. Neo_Svk Rusted.Cz is cheating. He has aim and he pre fires from a long distance. He killed me and I couldn't even see him, that's how far away he was and every time I was trying the get my stuf back he was insta kill me with headshot. And after he killed me first time he even killed me with my mp5 and I know it's not realy that good, but how can he headshot me every time.
  18. can you send a screen shot off this error and the info on how you try to start the game? regards
  19. lol its not fixed
  20. well nevermind its not fixed
  21. i redownloded it and its fixed now
  22. i redownloded it and its fixed now
  23. any help for this error Disconnected:Error:Proxy Detected
  24. i accidentally created 2 topics
  25. and the vannila knights table sever works but the modded doesnt
  26. i got this error RLK mismatch on the knights table rust client when tring to connect to the knights table modded server
  27. i got this error RLK mismatch on the knights table rust launcher when tring to connect to the knights table modded server
  28. No worries, I got it working
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