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  4. gulok1

    same problem what pw we need?
  5. josephisgod1111

  6. Last week
  7. Type: To register enter a password in the console with ip. <your password>
  8. gentritmehmeti

    the codes are expired wyyym send me a good code
  9. simplymonster

    same thing i get download client
  10. deima1990

    Hello, I literally downloaded client 5min ago but I can't log in because of error download new client? no clue how can get client who didn't even released
  11. Dresha

    I think it auto restarts at 12:30 am/pm so most likely then.
  12. Hiya just wondering if anyone possibly has any idea when server 1 will be back up, really like your servers just only got to play a few minutes before server went down, i was excited lol
  13. Dresha

    its server issues i think i cant connect either
  14. deadlybluntops

    i cant actually connect anymore im just stuck
  15. deadlybluntops

    no like im at the main menu typing this and then it just stays saying connecting forever, i was just on like 30 mins ago and now i cant get in just changed my steam name and everything lol.
  16. Dresha

    write client.disconnect in console
  17. it just keeps saying connecting but never doing so, or even timing out either. Im not sure if maybe my account lagged out and is stuck logged in or something but someone please help!
  18. Earlier
  19. hadibadawi

    i want to ask moderators if there is any Update launcher for knights table client plz ! i cant redownload the whole client because it will take a long time
  20. so the game loads but when i try to join a server it says client update required how do i do this??
  21. KnightHawk

    Thanks for starting your report with an insult to the servers. Really validates your point. I legitimately can not take you serious.
  22. MidasTouch

    v2155 [The Oil Rig Update]

    Server is updated to v2155 [The Oil Rig Update]! For the official development blog click HERE. Linux uses Vulkan graphics API (-force-vulkan to use Vulkan on Windows) Mac uses Metal graphics API Deep sea waves with crest foam affecting floating physics Water interaction disturbance foam Restored world reflections option Fixed muzzle flash positions Fixed client side corpses sometimes clipping into things Fixed foam showing up near player Fixed flickering on shore, including cases related to TSSAA Fixed overbright caustics and specular occlusion on shore Fixed some occlusion culling frame delays on players, NPCs, ragdolls and impostors Fixed light beams not hiding when lights are distance culled LOD, batching and foliage grids now support twice the terrain size (custom maps & oil rigs) Asset loading is now much faster (total loading time 10% faster on SSD, potentially much more on HDD) Entities are now ordered by distance from the player when they are networked Game log is now always written to output_log.txt in install folder Shore water transition quality Higher-quality high-frequency ocean waves Performance on light-heavy scenes using culling Water junkpile foliage animation now wave-based instead of foliage/wind-based Added instancing to deferred mesh decals Saved 115 MB of system and video memory by reducing some textures
  23. fullspeed452

    People like this are the exact reason your servers are almost dead x5 server and he never misses headshot yet if i headshot him dont even hurt him he stands there and never dies emptyied full 30 round of explosive ammo in him and he lived with no armour you say your servers are monitored but clearly not
  24. Zed

    What are the rules for get banned? there is a toxic, grifing player, he grief me, spawn kill me, please admin do something for this kind of player i know is a pvp server but this is to much, they dont even try to speak just kill and been toxic.
  25. KingKhaos814

    wont let me connect to server
  26. hello I wanted to download hurtworld V2 with my friend but all the download links seem to be dead, could any of the staff members please update hte links with ones that work please? Me and my friend would really appreciate it.
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