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  2. MidasTouch

    just do like it tell you too open the console type auth Password .. a password u like its for your own safty so noone can spoof your ingame account
  3. KahunaElGrande

    Search the forums for related topics before creating a new one. Pretty sure your issue has already been answer elsewhere
  4. legenvic

    hey dude i have the same problem and no one is replying sorry dude
  5. Today
  6. Elbarto2525

    Ok thanks a lot!
  7. KahunaElGrande

    First Thursday of the month and two weeks after that.
  8. Elbarto2525

    Ok, I respect that and thank you for your answer! But what are the wipe times for knights-table for rust and hurtworld?
  9. OrangePants

    So everytime i start rust's client it says startup error and if i use any of the othe execurables it doesnt work help?
  10. KahunaElGrande

    You can find another server that only wipes once a month. But we aren't gonna change anything because a small minority of people want something different.
  11. Elbarto2525

    I understand why they do it but sorry after 15 days wiping the server is to soon for me, is there a server that does it after one month?
  12. Yesterday
  13. JohnnySPIDER

    so , I am new here and in rust , I wanted to try the game and maybe buy it later , I downloaded the game from your links and all went good , I just have a big problem which is the game keeps saying REGISTER and in console it says auth your password or something , I don't know what this problem is nor how to fix it , I am a registered member here if that is the issue I just don't know where to put my account or change my name in the game , help me please
  14. Last week
  15. KahunaElGrande

    You'll find in most survival based games especially in rust. A no-wipe server is never a good idea. 1. Entity count gets to high and starts to cause lag 2. Players start to get bored and leave. 3. New players are always at a disadvantage.
  16. Elbarto2525

    Hi Is it possible for you guys to make one server that has no wipe on it or a much longer no wipe server on Rust and hurtworld? Because there are a lot of people that hate wipe, certainly when you just started rust and there is a wipe in 15 days...
  17. BirutasDagisTDI

    Hello, There's a problem with animals not re-spawning on this world. If you kill one, its gone from that spot forever. They only appear where the land isn't discovered yet. Is this game related or server related issue? Why wouldn't animals re-spawn if zombies re-spawn everywhere? And is it possible to enable them to spawn on this server?
  18. I think kamikali is using esp. He raided my base where i have 5 rooms and he only raided 2 rooms where i had loot others were untacuhable. 3x server
  19. KahunaElGrande

    Made it really simple. Look at the top
  20. TheOnlyMercury

    First time trying rust I've been watching videos for the last few days on it and it seems fun as heck but I've never played and would like to know if anyone would be willing to duo with me and teach me the ropes I tried solo got a base once before and people just duo raided me and I stood no chance Bow vs Gun so anyone would like to Party up Discord or any other means of communication would be fine!
  21. Every time I try and join one of the knights-table's Rust servers it always ask to update the client through the website, which I don't understand how, it fails to show how to proceed in said update. Can someone assist me in this problem on getting into the server.
  22. Alright thanks for the info Kakuna, so far we don't plan on buying Rust for now, we are as people say testing the water if we are going to invest on Rust, but thank you for giving us Rust Experimental. Still chaostic.
  23. KahunaElGrande

    It's alot harder to do it with cracked rust. If you buy the game it's easy and you just follow any online guide
  24. Was just wondering if its possible to host a private server for me and my friends to practice Rust, we are new to rust and most of the time when we join a server we get crushed completely, I was just wondering if its possible that I will host, then we will just play on it just for practice and know the mechanics of rust.
  25. Nirvex

    Problem solved !, I re installed the game
  26. So basically I downloaded the new Rust v 2175 I did the installation like previous, I launched the game every things seems to be loading just fine, but then when i finally log in I press jump to wake up and then the game freezes for 3 seconds or so then crashes. So hopefully someone has encountered this problem and could know how to fix it.
  27. KahunaElGrande

    1.) No, we offer a cracked client that can be found here https://www.knights-table.net/rust/ 2.) Vanilla is untouched, it's setup to allow you to play the game strictly as the game developers designed that game. Modded is exactly what it is 'modded' gameplay is modified to alter the gameplay and add features like custom ui, economy, faster loot and crafting, etc. You'll have to try them both to see what you like.
  28. rominmusa

    call me romin and need some help since im new here. i have some doubts please clear it 1) do i need legal paid client to play these servers? 2)what is the difference between vanilla and modded ?
  29. KahunaElGrande

    We don't have a launcher at this current moment.
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