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  4. Not sure why im beeing ignored but ye, id like to get vip ? If possible today ?
  5. ggang

    After I join the sever how do I take off the sign up tittle?
  6. Papanikolis9

    I shooted this guy 3 times in head and 2 in body. Ofc he didn't die. (he didn't use any medkit or semething since he just charged me) The strange thing is that he came staight to me and he didn't tried to dodge anything ( he came in straight line which any player would try to dogde) I asked if anyone was online but none answered so i posted i here. The server we are paying is Kgihts-Table x3 /STACKS+/ROLL/TP
  7. Last week
  8. MidasTouch

    Alpha 17.1 (b9)

    The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE! https://7daystodie.com/alpha-17-1-is-out/
  9. same here what should i do ? its anoying........
  10. Goku

    me2 also posted about it but I think it's pending approval qq I want to play
  11. i have 2 houres trying now it didn't work !?
  12. rustknight

    You have my same issue, waiting for admins
  13. rustknight

    Hello Admins, i get this error when tring to connect: "RLK Mismatch". How to solve?
  14. Davidx93

    when i click on "Retry Connect" the error " RLK MisMatch" change in " reconnect_error_no_address"
  15. Davidx93

    Hi, i downloaded rust from this site but when i try to Connect on vanilla server (modded and not modded), the Connection field with (rlk mismatch). Anyone know how Can i fix this problem? I open with administration and i vabè installed easyanycheat. Thanks for help
  16. kaveh.tazim

    Rip :))))

  17. Nerfy

    admins can pm so i can Confirm myself
  18. Nerfy

    hi , im steam user , i just forget my password steam id64 : 76561198797434239
  19. deadlyshanks789

    I have the same problem. No clue what it is.
  20. CsGo_Neeko

    @MidasTouch How do i crack the server? please, help me
  21. Hello, I'm having a problem when connecting to the Hurtworld server
  22. deadlyshanks789

    Everytime i try to connect to the server i keep getting this
  23. jonasddq

  24. jonasddq

    When i try connecting to server i get that someone with same steamid is already playing... What do i need to do?
  25. Zenmate

    Hello Community I just found out about KnightsTable, I didn't play any game of this group yet but I am curious of how they achived cracking online games, thats why I registered :) I've got lots of experience in forums, was a member of some well known forums for years Hope I'll enjoy my stay!
  26. Iper

    Atm the server is a hacking fiesta .. they're not even trying to hide it like some passive ESP but they're straight up aimboting , there is no chance for a normal player to even get near the damn meteor , as soon as my head shows up i get insta bolt headshot (many times). we need somone to check on the server and ban these hackers for good
  27. MidasTouch


    The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE! Changelog: Removed default ping filter from server browser. Server browser pings are often inaccurate, use in game ping as indicator through 'debug 1' in console Added Low Ram Mode as launch option Disabled turning off EAC Beds can now be placed without build rank on clan ownership cells if you are part of the clan Added ping indicator in debug text (f1 -> debug 1) Fixed door costs being out of sync with UI
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