Ban Appeal

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Were you banned on our server? Feel you don't deserve to be banned? Apply for an unban here!


Special thanks to G234

1. Rules for posting:

    • This section of the forums is for banned players to post an appeal.
    • All threads are between the banned player(alleged offender) and the Server Admin or Mod.
    • Only the banned player is permitted to post in the thread.(Admin will ask for supporting statements if needed)
    • Do not make multiple posts for 1 ban, try to keep everything in one thread.
    • Insulting Server Admins and/or Moderators will result in a permanent ban!

2. Neccesary information

When making a ban appeal you should include some basic information such as:

    • Your ingame name. (even if it is the same as your forum name)
    • What was the reason that got you banned.
      ("You are banned for this server" is not helpfull so if you dont know the exact reason just do not include it!)

If you fail to include your ingame name there is nothing we can do so your post might not get answered!

3. Posting Format
All ban appeals must follow the posting Format. Failure to follow the format will result in the deletion of the thread.

The thread title must be formatted like so [NameFromBanList] - Ban Appeal
The body must be formatted in the following format

SteamId: Your SteamId from the ban list
Reason: The BanReason from the ban list

Plead your case here. (Why should you be unbanned)



KnightsTable staff reserve their right to delete threads, ban forum/Rust/Hurtworld accounts and the decision to not unban players as they see fit and with no warning!

-KnightsTable Staff

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