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  4. MidasTouch

    Our host had problems the last 24h it should be resolved by now
  5. Our host had problems the last 24h it should be resolved by now
  6. Last week
  7. The server rewinded so when I raided the server crashed and I just spawned where I was before it crashed also after about 4 times the server is now down? And you can't play
  8. MockNugget

    It differs, 8gb is only for the Game itself
  9. Cannot connect to server due to restart of the server, After putting client.connect rust1.knights-table.net:28241 in console it will connect up to Assets warmup, AFter that it will disconnect and say timed out, Right after that error message countless times i put the ip to the console and it just always say " Connection Attempt Failed " Original copy of rust
  10. Max Cassidy

    I have this trouble too !!
  11. Earlier
  12. MidasTouch

    Alpha 17.3 (b18)

    The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE! https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?117663-Alpha-17-3-B18-bug-reporting-thread
  13. R8 Revolver Insane

    Wipe the server legaci bro pleace! the last wipe 12/4........ wipe or dead server..
  14. dess

    it does not let me create a password
  15. darklef333

    So when i start a game everything goes well, but when i play more like 5 mins i always get crazy delay, and when i type command /ping i says 40-70ms, so it isnt cause of my connection. And when i play for longer it goes up more and more. For example i had to wait at least 5 mins for one interaction. So im asking for some advice or help or something that could fix this annoying problem.
  16. MuerteBranca

    Please man, guys From wipe on the server, this is delayed, the server is ruled out because there are no new players and banal constructions on the map, I'm asking for this well it will help the server a lot
  17. Royal_Worm


    Is this woking?
  18. kiMi_S

  19. kiMi_S

  20. Download Links Not Working 😕
  21. ♕馬爾欽♕ #Rockstar

    Hurtworld v2 on your site is not updated so we can't join your server
  22. Demented

    There isn't one at the moment. Beats spending 30 euros anyway xD
  23. vulturee

    i have this problem too
  24. gulding

    Wont let me create a password i dont know why
  25. Sjengstah92

    @TuC In-game Name ??
  26. MidasTouch

    For all skins you have to buy the game unfortunately
  27. MidasTouch

    Yes you have to have steam open
  28. MidasTouch

    Send me your SteamID your current IP and your new password you want via Discord message
  29. EmZeYz1

    Is there any way I can reset it?
  30. Rust update fix? it has a queue


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