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  3. Hrs111

    he headshot me with bow while i was flying with minicopter from 1337m id:10625977 https://ibb.co/frbTV9p
  4. gamingexo

    Hello is cheating he is killing players with a dp from 50m and he is also using esp and many other hacks and everyone online is eye witness Please ban him as soon as possible and he stole all of my stuff
  5. Yesterday
  6. how do i download the new rust update without having to re-install everything again? any help will be greatly appreciated - kunna
  7. Geinporem1976

    did you update to the latest version with fix patch?
  8. So, the problem is still there, and not just one point its multiple spots on the map, its usualy indicated by flying trees, barrels, badly connected terrain sections, ect.
  9. Okay, i respawned under the skybox, and was bugged, then suicided, i think now it will work, ill update you guys if theres something new
  10. Then i was only kicked probably, but im afraid to join if the character is still in the air, maybe ill get banned after multiple occasions. Also just so you know, restarting the game, even the dayly server restart didnt help on my problem with the terrain...
  11. Geinporem1976

    Whats your steam 64 id and name in game 76561198139646265 btw canty see to find a ban on your acount
  12. Hello, after the monthly restart the terrain had some problems with the hitbox sincronisation, finaly when i tried to get over this invisible obstacle via jumping i stuck in the air and the game banned/kicked me, for "fly hacking"
  13. Last week
  14. Hello, any information about the 7Daystodie server it's been down for a while now, me and my friends are trying to play
  15. Odyszeus

    just needed to open steam, my bad
  16. Odyszeus

    I am getting "startup error" today, i was playing lastnight with no errors. I deleted rust and re extracted it and ran rust_setup.exe again but i am still getting "startup error" plz help
  17. MidasTouch

    v2177 [Chippy Arcade]

    Server is updated to v2177 [Chippy Arcade]! For the official development blog click HERE. Enabled skin unloading by default for everybody Enabled the new multibox pruning broadphase algorithm for the physics system Added 'gesture' console command Fixed 'Ride Horse' being visible when someone is already on the horse Improved network interpolation time offset calculation Optimized the AI sensory system Added skin memory usage to print_loaded_skins Optimized the vending machine world UI (also affects the new Chippy arcade)
  18. Hello, when i try to connect to the server it's said to me don't use ISP/VPN but i don't use any kind of VPN or ISP. Can somebody help me with this? Thank you!
  19. ALLAHU

    I do not know, they just jump and hit with hatch axe and move so fast. I know there has a glitch to down mountains more fast, but them CLIMB mountains so fast, and I think they have a wall hack too, they knew i'm in my base(they are new) and they make one base in the ARCH in DOME, no one can raid, because is on top, I sow him down this fast without dying before climb my mountain with speed hack.
  20. Geinporem1976

    Sure we will take a look at it what kind off speed hack do they use in your opinion ?
  21. This guys, Wos Pro and his friend [A.T.R]Prosnip723 are using speed hack in the hurworld legacy, I dont record this but please, investigate this guys.
  22. MidasTouch

    just do like it tell you too open the console type auth Password .. a password u like its for your own safty so noone can spoof your ingame account
  23. KahunaElGrande

    Search the forums for related topics before creating a new one. Pretty sure your issue has already been answer elsewhere
  24. legenvic

    hey dude i have the same problem and no one is replying sorry dude
  25. Elbarto2525

    Ok thanks a lot!
  26. KahunaElGrande

    First Thursday of the month and two weeks after that.
  27. Elbarto2525

    Ok, I respect that and thank you for your answer! But what are the wipe times for knights-table for rust and hurtworld?
  28. OrangePants

    So everytime i start rust's client it says startup error and if i use any of the othe execurables it doesnt work help?
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