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  1. KahunaElGrande

    Search the forums for related topics before creating a new one. Pretty sure your issue has already been answer elsewhere
  2. KahunaElGrande

    First Thursday of the month and two weeks after that.
  3. KahunaElGrande

    You can find another server that only wipes once a month. But we aren't gonna change anything because a small minority of people want something different.
  4. KahunaElGrande

    You'll find in most survival based games especially in rust. A no-wipe server is never a good idea. 1. Entity count gets to high and starts to cause lag 2. Players start to get bored and leave. 3. New players are always at a disadvantage.
  5. KahunaElGrande

    Made it really simple. Look at the top
  6. KahunaElGrande

    It's alot harder to do it with cracked rust. If you buy the game it's easy and you just follow any online guide
  7. KahunaElGrande

    1.) No, we offer a cracked client that can be found here https://www.knights-table.net/rust/ 2.) Vanilla is untouched, it's setup to allow you to play the game strictly as the game developers designed that game. Modded is exactly what it is 'modded' gameplay is modified to alter the gameplay and add features like custom ui, economy, faster loot and crafting, etc. You'll have to try them both to see what you like.
  8. KahunaElGrande

    We don't have a launcher at this current moment.
  9. KahunaElGrande

    Same place you got the last one
  10. KahunaElGrande

    Don't know if it worked or not. But let me know.
  11. KahunaElGrande

    What's your in-game name
  12. KahunaElGrande

    The servers just had a restart
  13. KahunaElGrande

    It's a game bug and a known issue. Only can be fixed by the game devs
  14. KahunaElGrande

    This is Rust not Minecraft. Your in the wrong game if you expect it to be peaceful.
  15. KahunaElGrande

    Don't be a dick 😂
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