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  1. Not to counter offend you. Adblockers have whitelists
  2. Make sure your ad blocker allows that page. They are a bit stingy sometimes.
  3. Is it that hard for you to say it's gone? Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. You on crack Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  5. There will be a different set of rules for staff that don't want to play vs the ones that do. For the ones that don't nothing will really change. Your still aloud full creative mode as long as it doesn't effect others game play so yes as [mention=152]Devilstar[/mention] said, staff building bases is the least of your worries. Now for staff that do want to play and go around benefitting clans and doing actual raids. We'd expect them to not be spawning in items to help benefit them at any point. Though we won't be blocking the ability to spawn items for staff that have earned that ability here is where the trust system comes in. If it is found out at any point that admin is using any admin powers to help himself and/or others for clan/team/raids/base building and is still expecting to continue to do those continue playing, I can assure you they will be dealt with. Everything is logged so no worries there. I will probably add in a chat prefix of some kind indicating that the staff member is playing or not just to kinda help identify them.
  6. Don't connect with a proxy
  7. Everything you do is already logged
  8. Hold alt while the game is launching. So Alt then double click the exe Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  9. Because you haven't linked your steam account to your forums account. As it's stated on the VIP Page.
  10. Hello all members of the Knights Table, As it's been difficult for us to find decent team members to help moderate our servers we are considering revoking some of our previously made rules. One main issue we've noticed when someone submits a application to become a part of our team. They soon change their mind as soon as they find out that they will no longer be able to actually continue playing on our servers. Now I know how much of you think it's a bad idea for admins/moderators to play because of a possible abuse of powers to cause unfair advantage, but with the increase of cheaters recently a full compliment of moderation members would be nice. Before you all start giving your two sense. I would like to point out TRUST is a important part of our team and leadership here at Knight's-Table and it needs to be built with both you and our current team. We would like to make it available for our staff to play so we can start growing our moderation team but we want your opinion before we start making any big decisions like this. Any kind of abuse that might give a playing team members a better advantage in raids, teams, or stats will result in a immidiate termination of their place on our team or restricting them from being able to play depending on the seriousness of their abuse. Everything is logged and it will be monitored. We will also be hoping the community will point out any abuse as it is happening. Videos, screenshots, and any other kind of evidence will be needed for a successful abuse report. Please communicate your thoughts below to help is decide. Sincerely, Your favorite developer Kahuna.
  11. Sure thing man. Explain away?
  12. Worked for me
  13. Try just /kit it will show you all the kits you have access too
  14. Thanks. I started looking more into this issue and realized our hosting provider is offline. Hopefully will be fixed soon
  15. Also would help to know what server your trying to connect too