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  1. Voider

    I hope we get it soon cos experimental sucks evry time I get bleeding debuff the game crashes it goes all blury and stuff and my pc is like kill me
  2. Voider

    I hope so but I dont like it ill play for the lols but not as much as I did with a16 myb if medevil mod comes out or valmod than ill go for it but other than that I dont like it what so ever and once we get it and some mods Ill glady upload my file for you guys if you dont now how to install mods
  3. If you guys like I can upload and post my 7 days to die war of the walkers game cos its a real pain to download and install the mod so I was thinking of making it easy if you guys are up for the chalange ??? Its funy and hase a loot of quests and new items hd auger hd mini bike thungston wepons and arrmor and more
  4. Voider

    what will happen with my bps on the vanila server ? I now it will wipe soon but still there are loads of bases to raid ? I changed my steam acc (thats why im asking )
  5. Voider

    if you wish to connect to a server using Ip addres press f3 I now you can change it in the game files but im not sure how
  6. Voider

    can you put a server myb on one version and not update it if thats posible ?for now cos ppl say rust is coming (from the curent stage its at ) 8th of february and myb you can combine something with it like make a server that will only have important updates (like new monuments)and dont update it unles its a gamechanger (like new monuments and stuff like that )cos with every new update the performance is geting aids (on my side) I was usualy geting like 40 fps but with every new update my fps is just droping down like hell
  7. So im playing on the vanila server the ip is client.connect rust2.knights-table.net:28241 and we dont have a launch site for 2 wipes now and there is only 1 way to get rockets and that is from taking down the helli and thats is posible for a solo player but on the other hand its imposible and I think that bradly is one way for ppl to get rockets late game so this is my sugestion to get ppl intrested in raiding insted of siting all wipe in a 1 by 1 and crying how they dont have anething
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