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  1. On occasion, turning this off will resolve launch issues for me, might be worth a shot. Once launched, I'll usually alt+tab out and turn it back on.
  2. Ran up behind me, cussed about my mother and jumped on me while I was at the recycler in the safezone, which somehow disconnected me from it (I didn't move or hit any keys). He took over the recycler immediately, locking me out of it, and stole everything as it finished while cackling in vietnamese. Then came after me with a torch, and said 'f*** that, f*** you' repeatedly when i recited the KT safezone/town rules (no killing, no stealing, no camping town, etc). Since I refused to attack him in town, he finally tried to hit me, resulting in the autoturrets killing him and leaving his body unlootable and my pile of scrap and metal stolen from the recycler unretrievable. Username is kietpro"vn" Screenshot attached.