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  1. Such a nice community, when you can't help anyone with fixing bug. Im so proud of you, no need to respond at this topic, i won't play at this server anymore
  2. @cypher101 Nope, didnt work
  3. I told you, that i tried and its not working dude
  4. @Geinporem1976 You can look at my post with screenshot, i use Rust.exe as admin, anyway, none of those .exe's working
  5. Tried, still not working
  6. Well, i have the same problem and ur fix didnt work @Demented
  7. Dont have one to be honest Cant u write it here, or come at TeamSpeak or something?
  8. Hi, i already cant run Rust, because of some kind of error that you see on the screenshot. I have no freakin idea what can i do Any ideas how i can fix it?