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  1. abdhiary

    KnightHawk he is online
  2. abdhiary

    i will\
  3. abdhiary

    on Rust1 server
  4. abdhiary

  5. abdhiary

    he is killing with head shot every time and he said that in the chat too his name is 999
  6. abdhiary

    @Geinporem1976 i can join only 1 server i think rust2 but if i join i got this if i open inv box ect
  7. abdhiary

    @Geinporem1976 i try to join so many times but cant join and if u join if i want open my inventory (click tap ) the server kicked me and tell me that msg
  8. abdhiary

    @Geinporem1976 sry about that but i post the problem since 4 days and no one help me and i also msg all the staff member about that and no one answer me
  9. abdhiary

    i have the same fking problem and the fucking staff don't answer
  10. hi i download the new patch and i join server but i cant open my inventory if i click (tap) the server kick me and telling me this ( look at the pic and that red words too ) in game name (ABDALHKEEMXXI)
  11. Abakerwolf Devilstar Geinporem1976 KahunaElGrande MidasTouch vitamin.Z Xeronius
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