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  1. Iper

    Atm the server is a hacking fiesta .. they're not even trying to hide it like some passive ESP but they're straight up aimboting , there is no chance for a normal player to even get near the damn meteor , as soon as my head shows up i get insta bolt headshot (many times). we need somone to check on the server and ban these hackers for good
  2. Iper

    Will there be an update to new HW ? ever ? Legacy is worn out .. we've been through all the content since forever , Maybe something new ?
  3. Last summer i played hurtworld on knights-table .. it was epic , i made a ton of friends and enemies alike , there were a ton of players and gein the helpful admin always taking care of problemes , our best hurtworld expreience .. i wish i could do that again this summer but the server seems dead and i can't even check the players online .. and the forum seems dead too , i wish there were more players to have fun with
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