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  1. Gilgamesh

    First of all wrong sub forum, this is the rust sub forum. Secondly i got some info on this an apperantly you or either members of your clan/team duped items. and we are not talking about 1 or 2 items we are talking about shit tons of duping here. i also believe one of the admins already told you this, or atleast somebody from your team. Next time you play a game try to play it fairly, not only do you ruin other peoples fun duping but also your own.
  2. Knights-table is a community not just some cracked servers.
  3. As the title says: i would like to have a discussion with the playerbase of the 7daystodie server and the admins to see if we can tweek our experience to get a server everyone can enjoy to the fullest. As 17a is around the corner i thought this would be the best time to discuss them. i opted into making a thread here because i find some aspects a tiny bit lacking duo to the current server settings, and i would like to suggest/discuss some changes in them i will try and elaborate my reasoning for each suggestion First of all let me state the settings i do like and i myself are ok with, this is a discussion thread so if you disagree with my opinion feel free to leave it below. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. No teleport or set home: I dont know if its duo to a bug that these plugins currently do not work on our server, but i have really come to like not having these on the server for the following reasons: Obtaining/Maintaining vehicles is actualy rewarding, having teleport available would make them less usefull in the sense that a person could have a location for a bed and home, a teammate(with also have there own bed/home), making crossing wide distances extremly easy and being able to save the good/favorite POI so theres not need to even travel. 17a will also include some new nice vehicles, so i hope we can keep the teleport/home out to make finding/crafting these that more rewarding. With teleport/home also comes the box bases, when i played previously with the features active alot of players would just dig a big ass box in the ground, place a bed or home there. and the other bed/home on the surface. witout any real point of entry to the base. which in my opinion was just really silly/boring as it made raiding harder then it should be. 2. Claimed area block strength Since playing again i managed to raid a few bases, and i think the 8 block strength when a player is offline is pretty nice, it allows for raids to still happen but stops the incentive of offline raiding somebody, while still keeping it as an option if you are willing to spend the time or the other players is highly inactive. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now on to some features of our server i would like to see some changes in. Most of them will be regarding pve, as that is an area i feel like the gameplay is a bit lacking atm. 1. Day/night cycle: Currently i feel like the night cycle is to short compared to the day cycle, not only on normal days but the special moon night are over in no time to. As of now the Night begins at 22:00 and ends at 4:00 making it 6 hours in length compared to the 18 hours of daytime. i would like to see it changed to increase nightime by a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 4. i am leaning to 4 myself as it would give us 14 hours of daytime and 10 hours of nightime which seems like a good balance to me. 2. Bloodmoon zombie count: I think we should raise the zombie count to 10-12 instaid of 8, these nights should really be about survival/skills to get trough and the people willing to play these nights should atleast have the fun pve experience by having big hordes coming in, i know it might strain the server so i dont know if its possible at all but i wanted to trow it out there 3.Zombie Difficulty: I would suggest raising it 1 or 2 level upward from normal, meaning if we increase it 1 level zombies will take 25% less damage and deal 50% more damage, 2 levels would mean 50% less damage to zombies and 200% damage from them. 2 levels might be a bit overkill as i know this is a cracked server and is also played by alot of players that are new to the game. but pve is really lacking so i really hope you will give it some thought to raise it atleast 1 or 2 levels. 4.Abuse of certain storage items: Over the bases ive raided ive noticed alot of them straight up just put there good loot into either vending machines or locked minibikes, and i would like to see this be considered abuse/glitching as its impossible to ever get the loot out of it. The only thing a raider can do is either leave it or destroy the loot altogether. i like keeping vending machines for there intended purposes but hate seeing them being used in such a way that it makes items otherwise obtained in your raids unobtainable. This would also ofcourse apply to any other item in the future that destroys its loot on death and is unaccible (like prehapse the vehicles coming up) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Concluding my post: these are some areas i wanted to give some feedback upon and i really hope they will be taken into consideration for the next wipe, if any other members of the 7daytodie community or admins want to leave there 2 cents on the subject feel free to voice your opinions below. Some things i havent touched upon at all because i believe there at a good spot right now but feel free to talk about them to. Things such as: Map Size/ Sense radius/ Block strength and any others you can think off. Thank you for the read, and i hope to have a nice clean discussion and prehapse see some changes to the server.
  4. Hey, yesterday i stumbled upon a base that had over 10 vending machines with loot in it, i tried breaking one of them to find out loot does not drop out of them. this just seems as abuse to me as it doesnt allow you to ever get the loot you raided/spent effort trying to get. So my question suggestion can we get a way for it to drop its loot when destroyed, or atleast make rules against using them clearly as storage (in a locked base clearly not meant for shopping)
  5. Gilgamesh

    There is loot in abudance, and theres shit tons of cities that are untouched to this day (found two of them yesterday) so i do not agree on the wipe part. the server usualy only wipes if there is something really wrong wth it. And with plugins you are refering to teleport i assume, it indeed doesnt seem to work but i personly grown to like not having tp but yea thats just my opinion.
  6. Gilgamesh

    It restarted, your problem should be fixed now. thank the staff team.
  7. Gilgamesh

    Server needs to restart i think, happens from time to time.
  8. Gilgamesh

    Issue seems to have resurfaced.
  9. Gilgamesh

    Server seems to be working again, i think somebody restarted the server. thank you. This can be closed as it is working again.
  10. Seems the game doesnt load, dont see any other online either so i gues its a serverwide issue. prehapse a quick restart will fix it. If the server isnt the issue does anyone know how to get it working. pressing f7 shows me the map, but theres nothing loaded onto it expect a trader in the distance. Looking forward to hear from you fine gentleman. Regards Gilgamesh
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