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  1. You are not stuck, the server is having problems just be patient
  2. It is not just u, I can not get in either so yeah something is with the server be patient
  3. This looks rly cool, even things like valmod are cool but this one looks rly good hah
  4. How do I atualy patch this thing, when i run it it keeps asking for a file I can't find
  5. I am sorry, I might have said that but that was some time ago, the server related problem that existed back then is now fixed tnx to gein
  6. So as the title says i can't connect the last half hour or so, it just gets stuck on the "starting game" part, anything I can do about it? I connected fine this morning.
  7. What about the wipe? Any news? Midas messaged me there might be one And I would like to suggest no live map on the website so people have to find and mark things on their own
  8. THe 7 days to die server is having issues.

    1. MidasTouch


      Its known, i might need a wipe soon. I am gone restart the server real quick. Next time please use the Forum for server problems.

    2. makarovss


      Eu não consigo entrar em nenhum server, alguém me ajuda?