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  1. DevBlog 198 v2064

    Server and client are updated to Devblog 198! You can find the latest client download as usual HERE! For the official development blog click HERE. Added Chainsaw Added Incendiary Shotgun Shells Added Spas-12 Shotgun Terrain Blend Maps for better monuments transition Added upkeep grief protection Added glaucous willow and spicebush plants Added world reflection graphics setting Fixed painted signs sometimes resetting on server restart Fixed workshop skin corruption issue Fixed dark lighting at the gates of Military Tunnels Fixed incorrect star positions relative to sun and moon Fixed foundation rotation exploit Fixed workshop skin loading issue Fixed S11 Cave having no build block volumes (Hapis) Fixed locker, bed, workbench floating slightly after construction placed on no longer exists Bandages and syringes now show their healing information Searchlight no longer accessible without TC access Fixed weird sprint+aim exploit Optimized conditional model performance Vastly improved interior lighting Upgraded to Unity 2017.1.3 Improved cliff mesh placement next to monuments Moved our grass and overgrowrth to new foliage shader Optimized client file cache performance Increased tree view distance at high tree quality settings Optimized tree performance at low tree quality settings Slightly harder to wall off southern convoy (Hapis) Reduced forest size in areas for performance reasons (Hapis) Xmas tree no longer craftable Mailbox repairable Water purifier can no longer be placed on barbecue and fireplace All signs, banners and frames are now repairable Bed can be repaired Bed can be picked up with hammer + building privilege Repair bench wood cost removal Repairing items now costs 20% instead of 50% of their total cost Scientists have slightly more health Scientists have proper loot tables Stripped unused tree assets (disk space usage)
  2. Can you please update the Rust Client and fix those lags,read my 


  3. Well you also have to crack the server to join with cracked but you won't get help here.
  4. v0.3.8.9 + v0.5.3.2

    The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE! You can read more about the update HERE! Changelog: Experimental Changelog Fixed a bug where the item coloring window wouldn't close other open interaction windows Fixed a bug where item serialization was breaking, fixes undefined behaviour bugs in item and ui systems Item Namers are now stackable Added default assets back to SDK and updated them Legacy Changelog Removed bakenavmesh command which was being used as an exploit.
  5. MidasTouch can you please unban me? I don't even know for what did you ban me and slaveknej. I was banned for town camping earlier. Please read my ban appeal.

  6. Send me your .ini file. I fix it for you.
  7. v3.0

    Server and client are updated to v3.0 You can find the latest client download as usual HERE! For the official development blog click HERE. As of March 6 3.0 is now live for all in a pre patch state in case a rollback is needed. A trailer and proper announcement will come soon if everything is working as intended. After our preview posts we kept getting asked: Date! Date! To which we responded with the surprisingly (though risky) estimate of "15 days from the news post".Well instead of staying quiet we want to let you guys know where things are. First, things are going great. If you haven't been playing the game, 3.0 has been in public testing with the server appearing at the top of the server list in blue for the past few days. Public tests are going well and we're really nailing down the final balance. With fort sieges, mortars, numerous new ships, multiple new shot types, and improvements to destruction both mechanically and visually, we're starting to be happy with where it is.The catch of our estimate was "if everything goes fine". So there is still no date, but we are very close While everything is going great we've come across a handful of small bugs that are real thinkers. These bugs originate from how the game mechanics were originally designed and now conflict with 3.0, which is basically Blackwake 2 released as a patch. Remember that before 3.0 we were on our way out of Early Access and the game was on its way to being polished. 3.0 has taken such a toll on the game that we have back backpedaled in that regard. But it was for the better!We're very excited, and the feedback we're getting on the updates is only making us more excited. Hearing comments like "I can't believe this, it's like a whole new game" or "This is how it should have been from day one" over voice chat while public testing alongside you guys make us very proud!
  8. Just a Info fo everyone. 3 Weeks would mean 3 weeks play wipe and then 1 week play cause of forced wipe so 3 Weeks wipe aint possible. To 4 weeks is possible but the server will probably start to lag bad after week 3 cause of a high entity count. So if ya cool with horrible lag make sure to vote for 4 weeks
  9. DevBlog 197 v2057

    We leave Early Access with a graphics overhaul, give out Frog Boots for those who helped us in EA, and more. Server and client are updated to Devblog 197! You can find the latest client download as usual HERE! For the official development blog click HERE. Changes Added Frog Boots, My Dudes. Added new trees Added Road Exploration Tutorial Added Workbench Tutorial Added Research Tutorial Section Names for each tutorial instead of "task list" Added Pickles, with a chance of botulism Improvements in lighting process/ Higher IBL contribution Post Processes and LUTs refresh Visual upgrades on the world generation (terrain, rocks, foliage and lot more) Improved overall terrain splat mapping Higher Densities of Icebergs and Icesheets Optimized foliage system with a lot of different foliage types Vm animation updates Netting costs 1 Rope instead of 3 Fire arrows cost 2 cloth instead of 10 Scientists have reduced accuracy Changed default server information image Loot Barrels now drop 2 Scrap instead of 1 Double Metal Door now default blueprint AK47 horizontal recoil kicks in faster Aim Sway inactive for several seconds after a shot Melee tip hides sooner Fixed some streaming sound related performance spikes Fixed missing mesh references on skinnable items Wild Animals now spawn in biomes and terrain that fits their environment Fixed inaccurate upkeep time on the tool cupboard Fixed doors not decaying when their upkeep was not paid for Fixed harbors not spawning correctly Fixed hilltop rocks sometimes overlapping monuments Fixed various small world generation issues Workbench Experiments can now reveal ammo types Fixed Garage Doors taking splash damage Fixed task list not displaying under some resolutions
  10. where is the downoalder rust? Give me link pls

  11. I download new version on these site KnightsTable_Rust_Experimental_DB195_2053  i go join on these IP client.connect rust2.knights-table.net:28241 but said these Disconnect: Download the new update client from www.knights-table.net PLSS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      bro client is out.....im right?

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      yes!!! the Update is out :D 


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      yesssssssssssss tnx admins <3 love you all

  12. Lets say it kinda has support, Rust recognises Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller but you still have to set up the buttons in the settings.
  13. All downloadlinks are updated.