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    this post proves that im not the only one who thinks he hacks he just should be permabanned for using that bug and killing people through walls
  2. Askasta

    i already reported the guy for abusing bug. But it feels like the admins give a fuck about us like look how good he does that bug he has a big advantage it even looks like he is using some client to imrpove his skills but a admin told me he just knows really good how to use that bug. T
  3. Hello, Knights Table Hurtworld Staff I Didn't find any template so ill do it my way. I Found this guy with the name WARIATEK ツ KnightsTable X3 Hacking and also recorded it with OBS. That guy and his friend Devon annoyed the whole server at the Valley location killing everyone with bows jumping around like wild apes. Alot of people including me lost their shit. Just please ban this guy and delete the stuff in the base or maybe give me the base as reward for finding hacker ? So here is the video https://youtu.be/ckR1XTCPxK0 I know its bad quality but i dont have the best PC and i caught his name clearly its him. Skip to 3:17 to see him CLEARLY HACK
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