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  1. Nacaric

    Hi there is guy named pshemo Knights-Table.net came out of this air killed us and loot and gone in second and than he says i was cruching when he forgot to kill another of us seen him despared and claims he is admin is this true ? your admins can do something like that i came with 7 people and we see this is this gona be like this or should we leave server like this ?
  2. Nacaric

    well its look like it is online and connections are broken than a hole day ! nice job on server !?
  3. Nacaric

    no its not i cant connect i can connect modded server but in vanilla says connection failed
  4. Nacaric

    atleast tell us when it gona be back online i think i have to start over i made huge base yesterday and upkeep time of my base ended 8 hours ago i hope in game it is paused
  5. Nacaric

    it says wiped but everything is still on map
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