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    Idk, the whole day it shows that there are 0 players on Battlemetrics and that the server is offline. Not just for me, but for my friend too. When we try to connect, when it shows the map and players (before the whole steam authentication thing) (which usually flashes by in like 3 seconds) it keeps saying connecting... and then it says:"Disconnected: Connection Attempt Failed". I don´t know what´s wrong it seems that nothing changed from yesterday (no updates, changes, ...) and I have everything the same from yesterday. Rn I´m trying to redownload the game, but my main concern is battlemetrics because that isn´t connected to my client in the slightest. I´m glad that I at least know it works for you, so not all hope is lost for me and my friend. Ty for your feedback
  2. Alemariss

    I´ve got the same problem it´s been over 10 hours that it´s offline.
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