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  1. Not sure why im beeing ignored but ye, id like to get vip ? If possible today ?
  2. Is it time dads ?
  3. BiT.

    Ming Are you leaf ?
  4. BiT.

    I highly doubt admin would stand there and watch someone kill someone else through wall , TWICE
  5. Leave it as it is please. That is the only reason i play on vanilla and not moded. I can actualy leave the house and not be shoot at the first few steps . If you want pvp , shoot down helly, go for the new thing that helicopter delivers... go in Military tunnels shoot few times in prime time of server and that blue scientists will be your last problem ...
  6. Instead of wokeing up to raided base i woken up to raided server One question. is it possible to wipe server but not wipe bp ?
  7. BiT.

    Thank you
  8. Hi there , i see modded was wiped , when it will happen to vanilla ?
  9. BiT.

    Now that sucks ... at last im forced to buy original now ... Oh wait ... Ill go play hw .
  10. BiT.

    And stuff like this happend . Is it to late for regenerate ?
  11. HI guzs , im just letting zou know , map from Livemap dose not match the map on vanilla server , and map on vanilla ganerated realy bad this time, seen alot of shit floating , didnt take a a propper look tho ANyway if you can fix it please do , if its only for legit clients now and loads wearid for rest , well its a shame have a nice one !
  12. BiT.

    So basicly site did is the goal of it . It got you free game to try out , you liked it you bought legit version . I say Job well done ! Knights table ! Its scum like mee who keeps leaching the free game , specialy now when price went up .
  13. BiT.

    Soo true about the ass thing . Not fan of the luncher tho , but hey we need to repay somehow right . Keep it going boys !
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