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  1. Now that sucks ... at last im forced to buy original now ... Oh wait ... Ill go play hw .
  2. And stuff like this happend . Is it to late for regenerate ?
  3. HI guzs , im just letting zou know , map from Livemap dose not match the map on vanilla server , and map on vanilla ganerated realy bad this time, seen alot of shit floating , didnt take a a propper look tho ANyway if you can fix it please do , if its only for legit clients now and loads wearid for rest , well its a shame have a nice one !
  4. So basicly site did is the goal of it . It got you free game to try out , you liked it you bought legit version . I say Job well done ! Knights table ! Its scum like mee who keeps leaching the free game , specialy now when price went up .
  5. Soo true about the ass thing . Not fan of the luncher tho , but hey we need to repay somehow right . Keep it going boys !
  6. But that is not it .
  7. ty vm
  8. How can i get VIP on hw servewr 1 ?