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  1. hello . I fell you brother but there is nothing you can do apparently i used hacks my self (see last hack report post) to prove to my self he is hacking. Im gonna tell you whats gonna happen he will harass you for the res of the game will always find yo base and kill you and just destroy yo stuff. So my advice is try to make a video next time ?? cuz that seems is the only way just tell him the earth is not flat and v1v my base he will come get it on tape...probably what i should have done ... but not my problem any more i wish i could help you more. pm pow or Zed i knew them may be they will help you with something may be ... but he run them in ground real hard so idk. BTW server is amazing except for him every one is friendly to a ridiculous extend never seen that on any other server tbh so dent let him make you thing every one there is like that. Again wish i could some how help but sadly i cant just can agree but my opinion dose not matter at all now which i know and accept. Good luck m8.
  2. @Demented First of all i know admins are not online 24/7 and they are just people. Second I know 100% im gona get bannd, like i used hacks i know what i was getting in too and even reported my self . Regarding the bullet, I only had 17 shots in my AK and was extremely mad both it because i left my ammo at home before tp to my friend. Always when I forget ammo i need it. The intresting part he had a deth animation like he was on the ground but then he killed me and my friend(maybe I had lag idk). And there was a loot of sketchy stuff he did (not gona get in to it ask PoW or Zed) so i just wanted to prove to my self, what i did. And i will accept my ban with no appeal or anything i know i did wrong so ye. Also ty for your response it nice to see that not only admins are willing to help.
  3. Good day would like to report 2 hackers my self (ano/HUNTER). And andrej jasmina. First time when i try to kill him he goes down then stand up and 2 shoots me wile im with 600AK max skill and 95% puncture protection shot him with 17 bullets. Also he always head shots like always and seems unkillable. So..... i used aim hack baited him to come to some random base and when i saw him shot first again got 10 headshots and he still kills me. Used Aim hack just for that but you know Broken rule is broken rule. Also he has unlimited supply of resorses it seems but that can be explained i guess. Was nice to play on this server good job admins . Best regards ano/HUNTER
  4. Good day. I was falling threw the ground so i log off. And now i have endless Starting game screen.