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  1. Iktorn

    And now I just found out the update is like 10 MB or so - forcing everyone to download full game makes no sense either. Is there anywhere a package of only the updated files?
  2. Iktorn

    What happened to server - was it wiped again after just 6 days? Like it says here: https://www.crackedgameservers.com/topic/54-♛-knights-table-♛-2-➤ the-air-power-update-v2151-vanillaspoof-protection/ Now downloading new version, but if it's true, then there is no point playing on this server as it looks like you are wiping it without any information and this can happen anytime - so playing here would be just stupid knowing that ? I you wanted to avoid wiping after update - then you should have waited with the first wipe, to see if there are no errors - instead of destroying everything at random times without warning
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