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  1. Admin , Why I always get EAC failed no matter how much i tried to do it, I already did what they've said that it was the fix for it , connect to 37.xx.xx ip and run as administrator or uninstall and reinstall the EAC but still it doesn't fix the problem. The only server I can join was Prism but yesterday untill today Im having he same problem .. now I can't join to any server.
  2. You need to create a new steam account for this problem.. after that you can just login back to your original steam account
  3. Great comment Nuggets, I have been stuck for this reason for hours
  4. I did not quite get it , There's already steam_appid.txt in rust folder. The CGS launcher is freshly installed , when we executed it , it only has one server which is hurtworld, I have tried opening the rust.exe without CGS launcher and it's stuck at loading screen.
  5. same here