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  1. Additionally: You have not properly educated yourself on how exactly GDPR works. If banned, we are able to retain it as it's intent is to safeguard a server. So as you said, good luck. Read up a bit before you misinform people try and use rights, that you don't understand. "The right to be forgotten only applies if the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; and/or there are no overriding legitimate grounds for processing."
  2. I could care less about that. We will not be lifting permanent bans
  3. It will be looked into when we have a chance.
  4. Perfect! I love when garbage shows itself to the door
  5. ban

  6. I could be wrong, but this guy sounds salty.
  7. This is not the forums for their server. Feel free to take it up with them here !
  8. Actually, air bases are not allowed on the server. My admins, do not need to provide you with proof if banned. They ban if and when they deem it necessary. I trust their judgement.
  9. I love when they have such kind words. Like the others said, had you been respectful and come in here with a bit of respect, this may have gone entirely different, but instead, you come in here talking with a complete and utter lack of respect for my staff and this community. This type of behaviour is not tolerated. To be honest, I am glad to see toxic players like this gone!
  10. To add to this, if we can get the crack to work properly, it will be cracked eventually.
  11. They were both banned.
  12. As Midas stated, you won't receive any help regarding cracking the server here. http://bfy.tw/HFeU
  13. You sure can! http://bfy.tw/HEuG
  14. I love when people assume that because they can't physically see an admin, that there is no admin. Gein is on the server a good portion of the time in vanish mode, meaning that he can't be seen or heard and gathers proof that people are indeed hacking, before taking one person's word, without proof. As I've told others, you will find hackers on any online game. The joys of gaming in 2018 and scripts being so readily available. It may be best that you just stop gaming at all if you think you will find a server with no hacking going on. Take care!