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  1. Bro we build a stone tp base with a loot under the foundation and you always know under what foundation the loot is, stop with the crap pls
  2. Ye but the problem is that FaceThemFacts is a hacker
  3. I managed to find another client, tho i prefer kt, been here for a long time. http://rusticaland.net/?page_id=346 try this one, it is working for me and u can connect to kt's server, so give it a try
  4. So what now? My friend with original game is playing on kt, but seems that people without original game cant enter and getting the same error, admin can u fix it pls?
  5. So its something wrong with the client?
  6. I was restaring my pc, but the problem just keeps showin up...
  7. So i downladed a new cliend today, but when i run it i get "Startup Error- Steam Load Error- is Steam open? Please exit and try again with Steam open" I tried restarting steam, tried loging in with another account, runing Rust.exe as administrator, runing RustClient.exe as administrator, tried restaring pc, tried reloging to old account, what ever i do it always give me that error, can someone help me?