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  1. IR0N

    I'm sorry but this video wasn't mean for nonstaff members. They've been messaged the appropriate details. There's really no reason for anyone but staff to be posting in this.
  2. I've installed the skins and am wondering why they're not showing up.
  3. IR0N

    If you already have the game downloaded then go here https://www.knights-table.net/topic/3261-rust-experimental-patch-v2078v2079 -v2080 / download the first one. Run it and navigate to where you have the client saved. Hit Start. That's all.
  4. IR0N

    You didn't see me in any trees... I'm not going to argue on the forums about this childish crap.
  5. IR0N

    That's clearly respawn lag.. These guys have been trash talking for like 30 minutes after I clearly caught Rendamsx hacking. I had a 600 ak from a supply crate and unloaded on him and he didn't die. He has 2 deaths total and they're just now upgrading to concrete. They had zero supplies when I raided them before they came back. Then all of a sudden a concrete tower appears in there base 200 yards high.

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