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  1. Hello I got banned on Rust from my main Account, I was too curious with recoil scripts. Is it still possible to play on Knights table using knights table's launcher. Yes I play legit now because cheating is not worth it ...
  2. MockNugget

    You are using a cracked version of rust if your friends are using an original copy you cant join them on servers that aren't cracked
  3. MockNugget

  4. Come find me, name is "MockNugget"
  5. MockNugget

    It differs, 8gb is only for the Game itself
  6. Cannot connect to server due to restart of the server, After putting client.connect rust1.knights-table.net:28241 in console it will connect up to Assets warmup, AFter that it will disconnect and say timed out, Right after that error message countless times i put the ip to the console and it just always say " Connection Attempt Failed " Original copy of rust
  8. MockNugget

    Happy to help
  9. MockNugget

    Create/sign in another new steam account and run rust through rust or cgslauncher after that it will be fixed now log in your old steam account
  10. after you fixed the problem using the new account
  11. FIXED all you have to do is sign in another steam account and log in back to your old one
  12. Need help on installing skins the right way. Can't use the skins nothing happening
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