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  1. Oh Dusko talk to me about this
  2. Welcome mate
  3. Probably no one will give you their accounts, you can download our client and play on our server, its the same as Steam.
  4. When server does restart last minutes of progression will be lost, means you will get back on time for last 5-7 minutes of gameplay, if you were upgrading your base, after restart you could find your armor plates in your inventory or where you left it before upgrading your base, so watch your stuff once again, items don't disappear like you said.
  5. I want to do like this
  6. Tienes que hablar inglés aquí / you need to talk english here!
  7. How to 1 tap people?
  8. Anytime
  9. Then you can use something like this http://exchange-paysafecard.net/, there's always a solution mate
  10. https://www.paysafecard.com/en-gb/products/mastercard/
  11. Its more client sided problem, happens when your internet have bad connection or high packet loss, so its up to you one thing admins can do its turning off EAC, and they won't I'm sure.