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  1. Your in game name?
  2. klauz is the worst I agree, tho you could make a good text and maybe I could give you another chance, but since you are acting childish and you told me to suck your cojones I think I gonna do it instead. I don't ban people for playing good don't worry, I'm admin for more than 5months and in my ban list are only 6-7 players. We had great clans with really good players which would wipe your ass in seconds and I never called them cheaters or punished them for playing good and all server was crying to me to ban them. I used to play good also and I know how things works don't worry. If I banned you thats why I reached my level of pacience, and thats bad. Because I use to give ALOT of chances to people before banning, I hate banning I were banned so many times for no reason so I act carefully, when it comes to banning I make sure people worth to be banned. So don't come here saying this things because its will only make your situation worse. Youre saying Gein was amazing and I'm the worst maybe its true, make a petition to remove my admin then, I give my best to all Hurtworld players, you can ask people on the server what they think about me. So yeah as you said adios amigo
  3. Yall are gods of Hurtworld no doubt
  4. All your crew were banned because two of you were cheating, if you play with cheaters you will be banned also.
  5. I just had another look and looks like ban system messed up with your Ips, since you are French and Sawy were Mexican. I'm sorry, you can join KT server again
  6. Your were autobanned because you got same ip as banned player (SAWY) who was playing with YoYo which were banned for aimbot and much more, you can check the reasons at the another post by aleman.
  7. I will answer all your questions in this post: 1. Why I got banned? You were banned for following reasons: - Exploiting bases - Playing with already banned player (who joined with the same name after being banned lol) - Airbases all the time (I already warned you tons of times) - Duping stuff - YoYo using aimbot (150 kills in 10 player server in 2 days after wipe, players reported to me he don't miss single shot, I love when these no namers come to the server and start rekting everyone ) 2. Why I'm authorized on your base? Admins can authorize where they want, as you know admins don't play at KT server so our names at your totem shouldn't hurt you that much.
  8. Probably client was not updated yet
  9. Take your shitty mood to another server then
  10. You said you don't like our server, what are you doing here then?
  11. You said you don't like our server, why are you doing here then?
  12. I only know the word you wrote with caps
  13. Your name is contributing for your ban also
  14. Download last client, should be fixed