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  1. Well I didn't mean that,But If you make a base and someone raids it or steal anything from it you should admit it not run after them and make kos with Rockets.
  2. Good
  3. Since some admins make a Hqm base
  4. Well I think you should also add a plugin into the server that if the Admins or Mods spawn anything it should keep a record about those.
  5. @Geinporem1976 To that kid who was complaining about KT.
  6. Stfu Kid If you have a problem with this community there is an open way to leave it!
  7. Try rejoining the KT group,It happen to me once with kit steam but Gein fixed it.
  8. Nvm me I didnt checked it out
  9. As we all can see the client haven't updated since Dev Blog 195.If you guys need to download the latest client,Go to https://www.knights-table.net/index.php?/rust-experimental/. They have the latest client!
  10. I am just downloading from Rusticaland
  11. There are also some more communities,Which crack server.Maybe those people have downloaded it from there.
  12. Guys Be patient the admins are working on it
  13. Hello, I just created this thread to let you guys know that the update is out.
  14. The admins are working on it guys be patience
  15. Opps I posted this in HurtWorld,Can a admin post it in Rust?