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  1. ban

  2. than why are you on rust topics
  3. those people bought rust
  4. so it is first of february so I was just wondering at what PM is wipe going to be
  5. no actually you turned them on because on default they are off so pls kill the motherfuckers
  6. WARNING: scientists are aids and are omega cancer so apperently it's too op for them to give guns and blue hazmat but it's not op for them to have wall hack, aim-bot,can't die cheat and a fkin lr I was in mt with my friend and WE SAW LIKE 8 OF THOSE SCIENTISTS IN 1 PLACE they all had good gunz and were rly hard to kill we killed most of them AND GUESS WHAT 1 GAVE ME ROPE AND SEWING KITS DUDE pls remove scientists or make them spawn less and give them a timer of like 20 minutes to respawn because this is too much aids their loot is terrible, they are hard to kill, they can rekt you, there are too many of them FUCK THE SCIENTISTS btw did I mention that I hate scientists?
  7. they did wipe but look somebody with the original game can play and get geared up easily because no one else is playing so they can go for airdrops and stuff like that for free with no risk so when the version is fixed I would suggest another wipe
  8. ok b u t how is it interesting for players to wipe in middle of the month (15 days let's say) when they get like only 10 because they wait 5 for the update and I don't even get it what's the problem with the new update?
  9. lol I thought the wipe was supposed to be on first of february... I mean it said it was gonna be than
  10. because the update still isn't fix and it was like already 2 days I guess all the bases are dead so when you actually finish the update could you do a full wipe? because it won't be fun to look at a destroyed base cuz you couldn't play rust I would buy rust but I can't do it with any of the ways the steam wants you to pay so fuck..
  11. yeah it's true today also I don't know who but I think it was Denis he was being on my large furnace and I was near the window while wasn't looking at the window I stood up and tried to shoot him but he instantly the same second did the perfect degree turn and headshoted me so yeah.. about them not hacking..
  12. did you even read other posts lately - _ -
  13. fak off fegit bic
  14. on 3/1/2018 it said last wipe was today and that the server will wipe in next month and now it is 4/1/2018 and it still says the wipe was today and next wipe is gonna be 1/2/2018