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  1. 1- If you have the windows 10 creator update you need to go in "settings>Game>Game bar" then uncheck "show game Bar in fullscreen games verified by microsoft. 2-reinstall the game and restart your computer. This will make sure there are no corrupt files causing the problem and fixes a lot of common errors. if your still getting the black screen pm me so you can give me more information so i can try to fix it.
  2. hello this is not the place for this report please make a ban appeal so we can unban you.
  3. @Demented please next time provide combatlog
  4. Hi @Tari.-you can find the bp of the large furnace mostly in green boxes in rad towns i will give you a site of what box drops what i will send you the link via pm
  5. with hv ammo or normal ammo?
  6. hello its completly posible to make a headshot from 300+ from the first try its like a imposible miss with bolt+4x+hv ammo+lasersight i mostly never miss but idk about normal ammo
  7. ppl dont play becouse wipe is very near tons of ppl ask when is wipe and they leave i will work on getting more ppl to join wish me luck
  8. its updated now you can play
  9. well its op that you can make a tp base so i think adding the ladders to do that will make the tp bases less op idk what do you guys think ?
  10. hello will it be posible for us to put ladders when building blocked in the future? i like the idea!
  11. i was playing and i got kicked becouse of time out and when i try to reconnect this happens
  12. wtf scarface when did you say ecco when we raid? if you did i think it was about how he aways hack lol
  13. okey think what you like i just dont know why you put clan bullets he is not a member in this clan lol
  14. to be honest idk what your talking about.. king only say to me to watch the door where you put the turret nobody tell me about the loot i had no such thing information from him or others of my clan i can only hear you where you wore taking stuff like ak and it tells us where the loot is idk when you started to scream "how did you know where my loot is" just then we were 100% sure we are at the right path
  15. hello im tonkata96 from clan bullets btw kingbreeze is not part of clan bullets so heres the story we wore raiding and scareface tell me and kingbreeze to go on guard duty we aways guard 360 degrees and you were in a open flat terrain idk but do you know how many times we got shot in the back if he was hacking we wore not gonna die so many times this is a fact i dont have proof take it or leave it