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  1. Hello there,i don't know if its just me but when ever i join a server it takes like 40 minutes to join it.Is this fixable,because i don't know if its my pc or something else,but i do have a low end pc like:4GB DDR3,Intel HD Graphics,Intel Pentiun G3220 3.0 Ghz
  2. hey there,so since i downloaded the rust DB195 version,i have this problem.So whenever i open rust.exe i get stuck on the loading screen,and when i open the connect to modded... i get stuck on gamemanager warmup pls help i don't know how to fix it
  3. Cripton

    Edit:Everything is ok now,you just need to reinstall rust
  4. hey there,so yesterday i was playing rust and everything was ok,but when i tried to press F2 to join the modded server,nothing happened when i pressed F2.I tried to type the ip in the console,but when it connected,i lost my base,blueprints,exp and everything (and this happened after the wipe,so wipe isn't the problem)i dont know what to do so can you please help me <3
  5. hey admins can you please tell us aproximatelly how long will it take for the client to get fixed?Is is the matter of days,weeks,months,...Thanks,we could use an update
  6. Cripton

    guys its a problem with the client they will tell us when they fix it,and the server will be wiped
  7. i installed rust version DB193_2050 (latest version) and again,when i try to join a server, it sais "Wrong Connection Protocol :Client Update Required" i dont know why it sais that since i downloaded the new version pls help
  8. Can i just download the client or do i need to download the whole game from the rust client download
  9. from where do i download the client?link pls
  10. Hey there,i have this problem,so whenever i join a server(modded or vanilla) it gives me the message "Disconnected:Wrong Connection Protocol:Client Update Required!" How do i fix this,yesterday i could play normally
  11. Cripton

    how do you open the rust configuration when i open the game it just launches the game not the rust configuration so i can't change my resolution or fullscreen

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