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  1. Crymare

  2. Crymare

    Do i have to keep downloading 8gb files every week for an update?
  3. Crymare

    What happened to the Devblog 188 Update . And what happened to the server.. its down.
  4. Crymare

    Yeah ... 5x server wold be awesome and fun to play in.. we can skip the boring grind
  5. Crymare

    Ok NVM i fixed it
  6. Crymare

    Im Getting a launch error when i start the game. Error Code 30005
  7. Crymare

    But im sure they are hacking.. there is a player named killerguy, he accused him. so i pmed him and tped to him, and yeah..there were trapeed inside a base and as soon as they got out they just sprays us with bullets almost instantly.
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