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    @MidasTouch thanks (-:
  2. there is two players in [EU] KnightsTable #2 |VANILLA| are hackers , their names are DEX and Dizertot , they are ruining the game , please admins .
  3. hi guys i wish you are having a nice day , i have i question , i have been playing Rust in knight-Table for a long time , and i wanted to practice pvp , so i created a local server (localhost:....) , and when i try to connect to it using cracked client it says (steam authentication failed) , can anyone help please , thank you in advance .
  4. Ok thank you for your fast reply .
  5. today i tried to join my favorite server which is prism using knight table clients as always , but i get this super creepy error message saying i can't play in this server because i'm Moroccan , if this isn't the most racist error message i ever then the end of the world is very close , maybe in the next few years you may try to inter a server but you will get the following error message ERROR : "this server doesn't allow n***** clients " , i mean WTF is wrong with PRISM i have a metal base and i raided over 5 bases , i was having fun god damn it , what should i do now should i became american to play RUST on Prism .
  6. [EU] KnightsTable #2 |VANILLA| - Wiped 15 days ago is not working anymore , what is happening .
  7. i just got banned in the vanilla server by anti-cheat it says for cheating but i did nothing i was just playing normally my name is yassiracharki41 in the game and i'm sleeping in the beach now with a lot for things that i wasted my time collecting , i played in this server for a while now and i have a lot of friends on it , i did not cheat please admins bring me back , i have two other brothers and about 5 friends waiting .

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