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  1. mcrekt1

    Yes it works. It is only 4GB, shouldn't be a problem. It was the rust client for another cracked rust server and it works great on Knights-Table. Once downloaded, extract the file, open up steam and run RustClient.exe
  2. mcrekt1

    This solution works, thank you. Closed.
  3. mcrekt1

    Cheers, ill see if it works.
  4. mcrekt1

    Yeah, I just asked this question yesterday, you can see my thread, a guy offered me this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mRJv4w4po04uwYUYDJzIoSHz_5j-Ae-d/view he said it's the full version and only 4gb, ill try it out and hope it works!
  5. Hey, I installed the knights-table rust client version 2112 (performance update) and played on knights table modded and all went well. Now I login today and console reads "Disconnect reason: Download the new updated client from www.knights-table.net" So I went on to the website and headed to https://www.knights-table.net/rust/ but there was no update or download link anywhere on the page. Also I really do not want to download another 10 gb for v2118, can someone give me a download link and tell me if I have to download a small patch file or download the whole game again. Thanks.

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