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  1. I have now successfully joined the server and I was able to play.. Until a random player (i think) named "Alan" joined and I lost connection to the server. Twice. Help?
  2. Thanks man! Do you think you could upload an updater on the forum too? I would appreciate it
  3. I think that upload on 1337x is fake. That update was released 16 days ago and it says that it was uploaded 4 months ago.
  4. Shoot.. I hope they upload to mega soon.
  5. Are you sure that it's a safe site? Also let me know if u find something pls
  6. The version on "Servers > Blackwake" is the one I've got and it's not the newest, we need that one. Where's the newer version you found?
  7. I was just gonna ask the same thing. I can't see anywhere to download it and also: "2053 dev195", Are you sure you're talking about Blackwake?
  8. Like the title says. This is the message I receive after joining the server: game client out of date if you don't see a patch restart steam help?