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  1. it can take up to a long time to load as long as you get no error let it go 20 minutes should bve the max but i dont know how fast you pc is
  2. I am not named after him i found him with same name !😎
  3. you have to wait very long sometimes and dont see any thing happen test this and tel when u waited atleast 15min
  4. you say you have same problem explain a bit more please @pycek99
  5. reagard off the team
  6. I posted a fix for the downloaded client use that and your good to go
  7. the new client is fixed and tested its ready for all to play again
  8. i think your not banned but you need new client to down load i have no ban on you make apeal or send screen shot if you can off the mssg
  9. okay wait for the new down load its not working yet
  10. check please what version you have off the client it should end with 2065 not 2064 we had an update to day
  11. And if so you say, hate this server so much go buy the game and find a other server with hackers and cheaters because there every where
  12. heey i get it that it ver anoying when you get raided or killed by so called hackers, we do understand this ofcourse, but to be able to handle the cheaters they also need to be raported, this can be done very simple send us a screen shot or atleast the info we need name off the player/s and the cheat what you think they use, so we can watch over them, only with your help we can find all cheaters and hackers
  13. yes you can play with your friend together here on the server with no problem but iff you mean only paly with person, and no one else then no, for that you need to make your own private server with legit client, or crack the server your selfs
  14. when you click 2 or 3 away after 5 seconds you need to look closely sometimes a extra page emerge that one you can close, and the down load page is still there waiting for the last skip
  15. what is the name you think you try to join with and can you give me a pm with your steam id