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  1. Open the file with admin rights windows It can take up some time to start loadi g game some time it looks frozen but then it wil go can take up to 5 min i have seen myself If not then tell us what happens how you start it and iff you see any errors
  2. thnx for the report we will look in to it
  3. sorry for not understanding you can you please explain? so we can help you out?
  4. newest version is now 197 you have this?
  5. What file was deleted?
  6. You get multiple pages most of the time a second opens wich you can close and go back to first skip at 5 sec and you should be good
  7. Who was this pointed to? 🤔😎
  9. maybe later on it wil come back but it can also be a maybe not
  10. Wel to answer you quickly Server 2 hw is not up anymore, Due to the lack of players
  11. guys the client is updated and ready for down load what client name is on the folder did you check if you not open the old version? its should be 2057 197
  12. what link are you guys using?
  13. i think your capslock is broken man please fix it, ust make a nice ban a peal and your good to go after we check its an auto kick no admin who did this, so please behave in your words and play on
  14. well i just gave you an unban andnow because off this out rages post, i am now bringing it it back to you talking with no repspect at all. i wish all the best in finding a better and more friendly server community
  15. the version that is on the down load link is still the previous version iut has not been updated cause off some diffuculty's server is running version 196