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  1. sorry to hear this but the link works perfect if your having the same problem still send me a pm regards
  2. well it seems fine right now ?
  3. there is none sorry only complete client for download availble
  4. sorry we only provide full client sorry
  5. okay thanx will look in to it
  6. can you send a screen shot off this error and the info on how you try to start the game? regards
  7. i mean yeah realy get rit of it by itself gj
  8. ?????
  9. are you starting the game with the modded connect client file?
  10. Could be caused by incomplete file try to re unzip or redownload.
  11. maybe a fail in unpacking or broken download file, give it a try to redownload it
  12. banned any ways this town has his own rules btw its dev made
  13. some times we do indeed have only a patch but not all the time. when you have the legit game you also need to down load that 4 GB
  14. just like when u have the legit game they also let you down load the 3.9 GB
  15. is it at day time or only at night because they close at night