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  1. LilBigSultan

    Everyone is allowed to respond, its a forum. If you only want staff to see msg it to staff. Either way im pretty sure the rules in the hotel are no violence, so why are you breaking the rules :c
  2. LilBigSultan

    So I was on the server before the client update happened, I was on the cracked client since my real rust was already updated. I was crafting 560-580 explosives. At 85 Explosives the game lagged and crashed, well that's what I thought but it was shut down to update. So I switched back to my real rust since I could play from there again, once logged in I noticed my queue got cleared. All explosives were gone, so I thought maybe it rolled back so I checked all my chests and TC but I didn't find it anywhere. I know you guys have a plugin to save the queue but I still lost it. I don't have screenshots of my queue before and after because obviously, I didn't think this would've happened.
  3. LilBigSultan

    i would play, if rust didnt ruin building.
  4. Msg me on steam, ill roam with you if im not bussy. Name is: LilBigSultan
  5. LilBigSultan

    I would love to see no decay aswell
  6. LilBigSultan

    ur banned.
  7. LilBigSultan

    If you just type "Wipe" in the server, you get your answer. Or if you type /wipe. Either way somewhere tomorrow no exact time is known.
  8. LilBigSultan

    ill just leave this here
  9. LilBigSultan

    How did i find u? Simple 500 dollar audio setup and listening carefully, I can determine where a raid is and what explosive is being used from the sound of it alone. I heard c4 was used. C4 is loud and goes really far. I ran to the sound. I saw a guy running on a mountainside, decided to climb a rock to get a clearview, then u started running towards him. i shot you, you kept running in a straight line, there was no cover, i was only 100m away, easy 3 more shots and dead. Also i never raged out when you raided me, i laughed because u missed 120+ rockets that were infront of your eyes not protected at all, and you went through a external wall that already had a hole in it. Im glad my base got raided, just sad it got raided by a blind idiot that just shoots rockets in the wild without trying to find the weak points in a base. Basically youre a slander, trying to make us look bad, just like 407. I would like to request an admin to ban you from the forums for your lies.
  10. LilBigSultan

    Imo he deserves a second chance
  11. LilBigSultan

    Shouldnt be saying it either way.

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