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  1. So I can't really get any of my friends to join. Sucks to play alone, though. After the next wipe, anyone looking for a new recruit? I'll do dirty work like farming wood/stone/metal/scraps for your group. We can talk on Discord or Skype. Discord is Watamote#9763.
  2. I got my wife to join, change her name to have Knights-Table.net at the front, and join the Steam group, and she has the same issue. It's probably something that broke at a certain point that now doesn't work for new players. When I ask people in game if it's broken they say it works fine for them, but perhaps they hooked into it before a certain time.
  3. Once in a while I'll see a message pop up saying if I change my name on Steam to include Kights-Table.net at the end I'll gain access to another kit. So, I have done this. I restarted my game. I restarted Steam, even. I notice now when I log in I have an (S) and a (KT) tag in front of my name, but I don't have access to any kits other than /kit starter and /kit steam. Am I doing it wrong? I haven't seen the message pop up since then and I don't see anything about it on here anywhere. Also while I'm here-- what does /kit kt include exactly?
  4. Ok. I can see what kits I have access to. I have tried putting Knights-table.net in front and behind my name on Steam. I still do not have access to /kit kt however.
  5. @KahunaElGrande /kit it does not do anything. It says the kit does not exist. I know what kits I have access to. I'm asking what needs to be done to gain access to /kit kt.