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  1. i try to download it now on direct donwload (google drive)
  2. wait how can i play now still dont work for me
  3. never mind
  4. @PsicHiniS can you resent the link ?
  5. yooo my base ! i need to play
  6. wow i wait more than 24 hours and it still dont work for me ...but i will wait
  7. yeah i have 2:19 in germany
  8. same wow i have now a rank feelsgood
  9. I will support this website when i can play .... But the game isnt working so i cant support Because yesterday i was trying to stream it but i cant because it says cant connect with steam
  10. still dont work for me i download the MEGA client but it still say cant connect to steam
  11. @klauz are all links now fixed ?
  12. i think they dont wanna to fix lol
  13. same bug
  14. Hey i cant connect my steam with rust can u help me ?

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    2. miroslav
    3. Bexor  twitch.tv/bexoro

      Bexor twitch.tv/bexoro

      i hope the yfix soon want play:(

    4. MidasTouch


      Client Downlloads are updated and fixed, if you already downloaded the client there is a fixed assembly file to download in the Rust forum section