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  1. Posljedni Dzedaj

    i posted the same thing 1 day ago look lol bro im with you ill support u lets make this a good server
  2. Posljedni Dzedaj

    So ive been on this server a lot i didnt buy original rust and probably you didnt too i miss the server being full so i wanna gather us to help the admins and moderators and esspecialy nighthawk if you agree type yes i want us to grow as a community and play rust free and have fun i want us to gather friends and people to play knightstable servers cmon guys get more people to play put ads thanks you!
  3. bro the link its not working i extract it and i click the setup and install and it wont go in

  4. Posljedni Dzedaj

  5. Posljedni Dzedaj

    i open steam and then knightstable and it says tht i should open steam help please?
  6. Posljedni Dzedaj

    bro why u moving wipe people are quiting cause of tht my 3 friends dont want to play anymore cause u moving wipe it was said its 30.3.2018 cmon bro wipe it
  7. Posljedni Dzedaj

    bro why did you move the wipe why u done tht it said its 30.3 2018 and u moved to 5.4 dude cmon dont make me quit players quit cause of tht look at the server now its dying

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