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  1. I don't have opened Steam while playing 7 Days to Die. Should I have it opened? What I want to say is that it should use .ini file name (SuperGamer583) not my Steam USERNAME or Real Name, but nevermind. I'm gonna try to open 7DTD while Steam is open and let's see in 5 minutes.
  2. As I said my name in .ini file is SuperGamer583 . If you mean i should change my Real Name on PC, than im gonna look at it. But even I change my name on PC why the game isn't using my name in SmartSteamEmu.ini ?
  3. So I downloaded your game (7 Days to Die) again in case this one is broken, tried to launch the new one with edited .ini file (changed username) and the same thing happend... The game is using my REAL NAME not my USERNAME (SuperGamer583) and that's the problem. Any help please?
  4. BUMP OK, can somebody just send me their SmartSteamEmu.ini file? I will edit the name by myself, I just need a fixed .ini file, Thanks !
  5. Those things would cost at least 2000Γé¼ (3000Γé¼ with PC Case, PSU, Motherboard).
  6. I tough the forum community is dead (some posts around 2 months old) but i was wrong. Really Thanks! SmartSteamEmu.ini
  7. Some more Info... Since my real name contains letter "á" i think even i edited the file SmartSteamEmu.ini PersonaName to SuperGamer583 it is still using AccoutName (MyName-PC). Any help?
  8. So I managed to FIX the error by download your client, now I face another error... When connecting to server i get error: Remove Invalid Character from name (á,). I changed my name in SmartSteamEmu.ini to SuperGamer583, SuperGamerSVK and nothing, any help, please?
  9. EDIT: Since I downloaded it from 3rd party, I'm trying to download it from your site and try that.
  10. I'm really sorry if this thread is in bad section, I'm here for first time. The problem is i first time downloaded cracked 7 Days to Die and i found your server is allowing cracked launchers so i joined it and i get error message something about: "You have been banned unitl 2028 - InvalidID". Since I'm playing for first time I have no idea what's wrong. Can somebody assist me please, Thanks in advance! My name in game is SuperGamer583, at least thats what i changed it to in CONFIG.ini .