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  1. Majoodi

    yes but it will help your pc with everything
  2. Majoodi

    get a better pc i advise you with 16 Gb and i7 7700 CPU and GPU 1080 those 3 are the most important
  3. Majoodi

    i think admins can play but not able to be effective to other players using their powers
  4. Majoodi

    Hey @HuSsSkY Do you Have any More in details Proof or A video will help
  5. Majoodi

    Hey man First of all i would like you to Bring up any Proof Which can be In a Short Video Clip or a Screen shot Those both are most common use in plater report mate Without any Proof Admins cant Do anything @papastiopa
  6. Majoodi

    @MaxTheNinja123 Dude it Depends on if you have rust on steam or you install the cracked on that Knights table Provides it if From steam then You need to update from there and wait for the server its own to update or make the new wipe as we all know but second option cracked on as what my bro @Geinporem1976 Said follow his Ideas he Got you my dude
  7. You are Able to change your Fov With your console you can type: Graphics.fov 90 its not really 90 but you can manage to get whatever FOV you want http://prntscr.com/iozk5x example of some FOV people might play on Thanks

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