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  1. @Demented i think u meant @Noot Noot
  2. Kahuna not to offend you but you wouldn't even be able to pass by adf.ly with your adblocker on
  3. Same for the first post he hit you and u got 36 hp smthing, he hit you again you're down, he finishes you thats exactly 3 shots. Edit: 50 m is pretty close for a ak. just so you know.
  4. there is time between the 2 shots, and the distance is pretty close . and next to it it wasn't 2 times you died before and than died after again by him. there are no hacks to be seen here at the last reply @PlayableFN just take a look yourself the 200s difference and the old_hp and new_hp you were on 45.1 hp and got one tapped what's pretty legit and after that same happened.
  5. to join other rust cracked server @Geinporem1976 - www.crackedgameservers.com
  6. No it is not?
  7. i think for vanilla it is acceptable but for modded it can be too op as you hit the tree 2 times and 1 barrel and you can already climb in someone's base
  8. Because i understand your frustration, because i play bought rust and if i would get a ban/ vac-ban without a reason i would also be pretty frustrated because i wouldn't be able to play my favourite servers.
  9. I understand, look wait on a admin. @KnightHawk , @MidasTouch , @Geinporem1976 , @KahunaElGrande - i quoted them so you can atleast expect a reply of one of them as they are the head of the rust section -
  10. the admin might have spectated you that is what i mean, ofcourse it can be a fault of the anti-cheat aswell but as i said if it is the admin specifically that banned you he has banned you with a reason you know what i mean? @LV JE4N
  11. dude he has reported you they don't ban on a report without evidence that's what im telling you that means they must have been spectating you. and what is spam in ur opinion 1 post? Don't come here and play the smartass. the admins know what they are doing here. and they don't ban without evidence or a reason. end of story.
  12. Aleg, first of all what is minding you that i am responding to people their posts. Don't worry because i think you are just a second account of the first one. And what u mean stop spam , are you stalking me with what i am doing , do you decide what i do. hell to the fucking no. so mind your own business.
  13. Well look, the admins have banned you with a reason. and a good one that means they have been spectating you after the report.
  14. If an admin has banned you, there is a reason behind it and a really good one.
  15. no extra proof like pictures or video? like if you have nothing on you you can try to challenge him while recording that might help the admins alot bec every little proof helps. even and picture of your console combatlog would help.