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  1. Umm if a hacker would fly he would be banned in 1 sec + he didn't kill you so it's obviously the admin that was spectating you probably.
  2. hoo wait he says i bought the real version to get away from you ( i did also but not to get away ) but if u did that to get away from him why are u still complaining?
  3. Srry wrong one misunderstood
  4. you 're a trashman you're my whore! - Dont take it too serious luv you <3 -
  5. by completely installing it again from the download sector else Buy the game if u don't like installing it fully over again for the new version. + Wrong sector m8, this is 7DTD.
  6. i know but btw who does not have game dvr off these days, everyone gotta know it just makes you lose fps on game .
  7. i have my way of fixing it simply launching it and then not clicking anywhere after like 30 sec it will show screen
  8. vGHOSTv this is mostly because of a pc or laptop that's too weak, i've head the problem on my old sony, it's mostly because of the mods you have installed in the game that you need to join the server.
  9. I don't know who you are but i know 1 thing clan FEAR has broken up and don't play that lot anymore , and how i know that is because i'm a old member of the FEAR Clan.
  10. owh , goodluck @KnightHawk i would like to help you but i got legit rust a week ago srry bro.
  11. spicy, this has nothing to do with specs you can see in the picture that he has some beatiful stable 61 fps, there's something else wrong.
  12. It already worked with the comment from Geinporem but anyways thx Midas! ( U asked dell inspiron? ) If u ask which model its Dell Inspiron 17 5749 specs; Intel Core i7 5500U 2,4 ghz turbo 3,0 ghz Intel HD Graphics 5500 Nvidia Geforce 840M 8 GB Ram 1 TB HDD ( Thats my new laptop ) ( My old broken one) 4GB Ram Intel Core I3 M350 2,27 Ghz 500 GB HDD Nvidia Geforce 310M Sony VAIO
  13. As i use a dell inspiron my F - Keys are all buttons for like sound and more , so i changed the console button to rshift , it works in-game but on main menu i can't use it?
  14. KnightHawk , he probably changed his name after this post. Because haven't seen him after this post