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  1. @DawZor The base me and my friend built was the forth one in 5 days, we got constantly raided. Thing is: If you are a small clan you wont be able to survive near monuments. Small clans should build closer to smaller loot spawn stuff (supermarket, gas station,...).
  2. @Tari.- Nothing is impossible, we took down clans 2 vs 7-8 back in Rust Legacy. If it was possible there it's also possible here Now that you mention it, you can even offline raid them. There are no BULLET members online at the moment We are friends with them because we love Angerfist, bit if they are the only rivals on server its gonna be war
  3. Yea, we are also regruting. The only way to survive is by having a big clan. I don't want to go overboard with more than 10 players, it's not fair to the duo-trio clans
  4. @Nevoh72 Full wipe is 1 month, after that there is a building wipe after 2 weeks, you keep your blueprints
  5. @Xeronius @Geinporem1976 @angerfist I am asking for /kick option only to keep the server a bit cleaner, I don't even need /ban. I don't want to be admin, let's call it a security guard. Talk about it among yourself and let me know. We also want our stuff back. We got that by playing 2 nights without sleeping just so we can lose it to a cheater? No way, man, even I got mad, imagine how mad Marko is... with his temper xDDD First time we got killed was in the Mining Outpost (Me, Marko and Kavmn), all headshots, we came back just to be killed in the same manner again. And then he camped our base... twice. We also lost some guns because they fell from the roof. Me, Big Daddy and Marko fought him and he kept killing us over and over, all headshots Here's the video, I believe this is more than enough:
  6. @Xeronius It's gonna take a while because I have a bad upload. I will make it as short as I can so I could upload it quicker. I will get on it right away
  7. *Mmjayde, I wrote it wrong up there
  8. Mmjayjde is cheating. He has aim and he pre fires. Someone even accused him of fly hack. Withneses: Me, Marko.Slavorum, Big Daddy, Kavmn, Futureslay, and few more, cant remmember all names. I spend a lot of time on server, I am asking for bouncer status if that is possible. I had it back on Legasy on several servers, I am not someone who will abuse it. We lost a lot of gear and weapons and I expect to be compensated for that. Also Kavmn lost a bunch of stuff as well, he should be compensated as well We lost 6-7 AKs, 4 bolts, several shotguns, and a bunch of high tear gear (metal masks, metal chest plates, sign kilts and similar) I lost 4 sets of fully geared, not sure how many Marko lost, I dont know how many pistols... Big Daddy lost some stuff as well
  9. @David mu If that doesn't work here's the Mega one https://mega.nz/#!1Z9lUbab!WFT-W6vT-sqrRwi54PjA6_Jrf2DFUBskcagLEZhg7Fg
  10. It's a mess but there is a download button. Here: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1437RJSBnDEon6gNelluLEXBGI6yUZWyH&export=download
  11. @Tari.- I got radied 4 times already since the wipe, starting from scratch every time. I am going to get on server in a few min, I hope I am not raided again, I might rage. If I'm raided again I have no idea what to do. I think people hate my clan on the server
  12. @IR0N Sorry, that wasn't written as well xDDD
  13. @IR0N What is this supposed to show? See the dmg on Thompson. Body hit is 38, they were all body hits, you landed only 3 so that's 3x38=114 if he was naked, but he had armor on... So if this is to show that he didn't die from that its just a bust. I wrongly accused someone of cheating yesterday, it happens to all of us, I realized that he wasn't after I checked the combat log. In the moment it feels like you hit him 10 times, but when you watch the video carefully you realize you hit him just 3 times. I watched it on 0.25 speed 5 times already. I'm not sure, but I think you even hit the guy behind him once on 0:22 Anyways, next time leave clear description of what happened with the video so we would know what to look for and not spend 15 min of watching it clueless
  14. If you downloaded the new version all your game options reset to default, change the resolution and lower the graphic quality and try again
  15. @Jaouad xDDDD Sorry and thank you at the same time I guess @Noot Noot There's the link for you up there