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  1. Demented

    Use this one
  2. Demented

    @wintertime You have a few .exe files, open the one that will connect you directly to the server, run it as an administrator and you shouldn't have any problems. Hit me back if that doesn't work.
  3. This is the Knights Table Rust, it's meant to be used for Knights Table servers. You have 2 .exe files, one is for Vanilla server, the other is for Modded. If you want to switch servers while in game you can type client.disconnect and than connect to the other server.
  4. Demented

    @hngha1994 Here you go, man, have fun https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZR9Eqh9jD_8-idlM_WdC-O0BgXjSZlZx/view
  5. Demented

    @hngha1994 No patch yet, but the server seems to be updated. Looks like we have to download the whole game again
  6. Demented

    Did you try downloading from another source?
  7. Demented

    @angerfist Ty, man, that's all I needed to know
  8. Demented

    @shazamberg Full wipe is first Thursday every month, and building wipe is 2 weeks after the full wipe
  9. Demented

    Might be lag, but slow down the clip and take a look. I post anything that might be suspicious, so here
  10. Demented

    @DawZor The base me and my friend built was the forth one in 5 days, we got constantly raided. Thing is: If you are a small clan you wont be able to survive near monuments. Small clans should build closer to smaller loot spawn stuff (supermarket, gas station,...).
  11. Demented

    @Tari.- Nothing is impossible, we took down clans 2 vs 7-8 back in Rust Legacy. If it was possible there it's also possible here Now that you mention it, you can even offline raid them. There are no BULLET members online at the moment We are friends with them because we love Angerfist, bit if they are the only rivals on server its gonna be war
  12. Demented

    Yea, we are also regruting. The only way to survive is by having a big clan. I don't want to go overboard with more than 10 players, it's not fair to the duo-trio clans
  13. Demented

    @Nevoh72 Full wipe is 1 month, after that there is a building wipe after 2 weeks, you keep your blueprints
  14. Demented

    @Xeronius @Geinporem1976 @angerfist I am asking for /kick option only to keep the server a bit cleaner, I don't even need /ban. I don't want to be admin, let's call it a security guard. Talk about it among yourself and let me know. We also want our stuff back. We got that by playing 2 nights without sleeping just so we can lose it to a cheater? No way, man, even I got mad, imagine how mad Marko is... with his temper xDDD First time we got killed was in the Mining Outpost (Me, Marko and Kavmn), all headshots, we came back just to be killed in the same manner again. And then he camped our base... twice. We also lost some guns because they fell from the roof. Me, Big Daddy and Marko fought him and he kept killing us over and over, all headshots Here's the video, I believe this is more than enough:

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