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Hey Admins,

I have a lil' problem going on here

I had the legacy version installed and played in server 1 with no issues but when i tried to connect to server 2 it told me a couple of weeks ago that the server is running a new version so i downloaded this morning the experimental version the latest one as of the writing of this topic 5.0.1 and i opened it no problems untill i try to connect to the server 2 it tells me that connection failed and in console it says No response from host.

If u can do anything about it please hit me up here asap

Klauz this is Insanity BTW from Server 1

Hurtworld 2_10_2018 9_29_16 AM.png

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As gein stated, hw2 was removed from our game server list due to lack of players, if you miss old map, you can set up your local server with last version and play around.

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